Alabama governor: Charles Barkley’s Race Office

Race Alabama governor Office

The Alabama governor is that person who is the head of the Alabama’s government and also the commander-in-chief of the military forces of the state. The governor has a duty of enforcing laws and power of denying or agreeing to veto bills passed by the Alabama legislature. He can convene the legislature, can grant pardons and also except in cases of impeachment.

Officially there have been 52 governors of Alabama which skips acting and military governors. The first governor and the only governor of Alabama territory was William Wyatt Bibb. There were five people who served as the acting governor which brings the total number of governor to 57. There were four governors who served multiple non consecutive terms and they were Bibb graves, James.E.folson, sr, Forrest H “Fob” James and George Wallace. Bibb grave, james.E.folson, sr and forrest.H.”Fob” James served for two terms. George Wallace served for three years and William D Jelks also served for non-consecutive terms and his term was in the acting capacity. The longest serving governor who served for twelve years was George Wallace. The non acting governor for shortest time was Hugh Mc Vay who served for four and a half months, when he replaced Clement.C.Clay. Wife of George Wallace, Lurleen Wallace, was the only one woman governor of the Alabama and she was the third woman of the world to be the governor. The current governor from 2003 is Bob Riley and he will serve till 2011.

The office of the serving governor was established in 1868, it was abolished in 1875 and recreated in the year 1901. If the current governor stays out of the state for more than 20 days, he becomes acting governor and if the office stays vacant, the lieutenant governor becomes the governor.

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley is the NBA hall of fame member and TV sensation and he is becoming the pie of press as he is on the run to fight for the governor of his home state which is Alabama. His campaign slogan is “thank god for Mississippi”. In 1990s he wanted to fight for the governorship when he was a republican. He supported Barrack Obama when he recently was fighting for presidentship. He thinks that under bush, many lived poor life in Iraq and many others suffered. He supported to stop the war of Iraq which was then the recent topic. But John McCain said that Barkley and other republicans have the ability to run any economy to zero level.  He also said that the republicans used race as the weapon for their fight where he have given examples of terrorists and muslims. When it comes to his character one have to say that he is really an interesting one. He is someone who is enthusiasts about running Alabama for many years now. Last time he was sure to be one of the candidates in the fight for 2010 and he was quiet serious just few years back from now. He is no doubt a famous character of Alabama.