All about the Air National Guard and Air Force

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Life gives a second chance for those who stay in the ground. But for those who fight in the air there is nothing called a second chance in life. It is always a do or dies situation for them. All this is because you can live safely in the United States of America. The Air National Guard or the ANG is one of the main pillars of the American military forces. Over the years it has proved to be the department on which the government of America can rely on the most. After being federalized in the year of 1916 the ANG has been the reason for many battles that has been won by the United States. It is directly under the supervision of President of the state and he may call the ANG any time in case of any emergency, invasion, suppress rebellion or in case of any danger that is caused to any of the fifty states and U.S. territories. If you are reading this article till the very end then you will find out what the Air National Guard and Air Force offers to you. We all take their service but at the end of the day we forget to recognise them and give them the adequate respect which they all deserve.

National Force
The Air National Guard operates under their respective state governor or territorial government. It is directly under the supervision of the governor of the different states while the office of the President regulates it centrally. The primary duty of all the Air Force is to keep the air zone of America safe from any foreign aircrafts. It is their responsibility to bring down any aircraft that flies in the American territory without permission from the authorities. The other duty that they perform is to maintain and manage the air traffic with in the country. This means to ensure that the passenger aircrafts are flying safely and whether they are abiding to the rules and regulations that are set by the government.

The air bases are located in almost all the states but among them the most prominent ones are at Texas, Selfridge, Ohio, Oklahoma and Oregon. All the bases in the United States internally follow the national record service rules in terms of maintaining their records. This is one of the most important aspects because they have to keep a track of everything that is concerned with air. It is also important to for all the National Air Force to filter any information pertaining to the strategies that they take during the war. It always is one the top secrets of what tactics it adopts in times of any war situation.

But there is something for you also in the Air Force. Even if you are not joining for them, you always have the option of watching the show which is held every year in the different states. In these air force shows you will get to see what the brave pilots can do with such a huge thing as the aircraft. You will definitely feel proud and secured at the end of the show, because by that time the ANG will convince you that your security is in the hands of some very strong and determined people.