Attack helicopter: Modern Flying machine

Modern Attack helicopter Apache

An Attack helicopter is designed and built specially for carrying weapons to attack targets on the ground, like enemy infantry, armored structures and armored vehicles. The weapons which an attack helicopter used to carry are auto cannons, machine guns, rockets, guided missiles, etc. some attack helicopters can carry air to air missiles but mostly for self defense purposes. The most important roles of attack helicopter is to provide accurate and direct close air support for the troops on ground and the anti tank role which destroys enemy armor concentrations. It is used to supplement light weight helicopters in the armed scout role.

An apache is military attack helicopter which is also all weather, day and night helicopter. It has four bladed main rotors, tail rotor and a crew of two pilots who sits in the tandem of the helicopter. The main armament is a 30 mm M230 chain gun and it also carries AGM-114 hellfire and Hydra 70 rocket pods which is carried on four hard points on its stub wing pylons. The apache was first used in 1989 in combat during the invasion of panama, operation just cause. The AH-64A and AH-64D apache longbow played important roles in many Middle Eastern wars, gulf wars, operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan and operation Iraqi freedom in Iraq. It became the excellent tank hunters and destroyed many armored vehicles, especially, of the Iraqi army. There are AH-64A apache, AH-64B apache, AH-64C apache, and AH-64 D apache and export apache. It is popular with culture and it played a major role in the movie named, fire birds. It was the subject of the popular computer game known as Longbow. This game received many awards for realistic visuals.

Modern attack helicopters
The US army felt the need to modify the attack helicopters in late 1970 so that they can perform in all type of weather. This is the base of modern attack helicopters. The soviet armed forces also felt the same way and military officials asked Mil and Kamov for planned designs. But Ka-50 won and Mil still continued the development of the Mi-28 as per the previously submitted designs. In 1990 the AH-64 apache was used in operation desert storm and with great success. It was the first to shot in the war and it destroyed early warning radar and Sam with Hellfire missiles. Later they were used in operational roles also and destroyed enemy tanks and armored cars.

Now it has been modernized further and you can play them in the AH-64D longbow demonstration. Currently the Russians are using the KA-50 and Mi-28. These are similar but these aircraft are not connected through a command and control system. The level is so that it is comparable to those of current US army. There are many students of ground attack helicopter warfare who feels that connection with the network is a modernized requirement. Attack helicopters are extensively used as a part of linked support system by most of the armies in this world.