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Bax global has its offices in Australia, Singapore, London, the Netherlands, Toledo, Ohio, Irvine and California. It is an international shipping company and the headquarters are located in Irvine and California. Founded in 1971, it also operates in an airline. In 2006 it was acquired by DB logistics in January. It is connected with schenker, sea, land and air freight branch of DB logistics. DB logistics is the freight and logistic department of Deutsche bahn AG which is a German railway company.

On 15th June, 1952 the company opened their businesses in ten cities of the United States. The name of the company was Burlington northern air freight, Inc. also known as BNAFI , it is a subsidiary of Burlington northern railroad and in 1982 it was acquired by a company which was known as the Pittston company. It later became Brink’s and in 1986 the company changed its name to Burlington air express and repositioned as an overnight air express company. In 1997 the company was named Bax global and expanded all over many continents. Bax global on 31st January, 2006 was acquired from Bax owner Brink’s by the transportation and logistics department of Deutsche Bahn for .1 million. Burlington air express had a fleet which was operated and owned by Air transport international ATI, which is a sister company and it is co-owned by Brinks. When Bax global was send to DB logistics, ATI was sold to a company known as capital holdings, which is under the contract to work for dedicated lift with Bax global.

Bax global offers many shipment tools and you can select from Bax menu which has pre and post transit services. You can search about all these through online secure tool through Mybax and it is easy to locate particular SKUs in specific container. However, buyers and distribution heads can see the product type and details which makes it easier to plan for future purchases, which depends also on customers changing buying patterns.

Supply chain
Bax global is a leading supply chain management company and also does ocean cargo management services for Asia to North America and intra-Asian areas. The enhanced services mean electronic visibility of importers from North America to make Asian manufacturing and retail plans and at the same time, to optimize the needed resources in advance. It has four divisions which are tracking and tracing, carton and SKU data level, which is the first one. The second one is reporting tools and helping users to obtain required data like actionable data. The third one is to purchase order management and showing which Pos were booked, opened, received, cancelled and shipped and the fourth one is to consolidate services for vendor management and LCL programs.

Bax global is a billion supply chain management company which works through a global network of 500 offices in almost 133 countries. It specializes in moving heavyweight packages and cargo of all possible shapes and sizes and also offers services for the aerospace, high-tech, automotive, retail and health care industries. You can find list of their services in their website conveniently.