British Passport Application, Renewal and Other Office Related Issues

Application British passport Renewal British Passport Renewal and other issues
The United Kingdom offers a standard passport application process for all UK citizens. The office, the Identity and Passport Services (ISP), has a helpful website to answer any of your passport inquiries. However, we have outlined the basic information you need to know about renewing your British passport, applying for a British Passport and passport offices located in the UK. So whether you are looking to travel overseas or simply want your passport for identity purposes, we’ve simplified the process.

British Passport Application Process
Similar to most commonwealth countries, the UK requires that you fill out an application form, provide the necessary documents, pay a fee and attend a brief application interview before receiving your passport.

To get an application form you can visit a participating post office, fill out an online application or request an application via telephone or email. The passport office will send an application form to you. When filling out the form make sure to use a black pen and print neatly in Caplocks.

You will also need to include two passport sized photos which can be done at participating photo shops and some drugstores. Included in your application form you will need someone who is British, over 18 and has known you for more than two years, to sign your passport photo to certify it is you.

Also include proof that you are British which could be a birth certificate or other documentation. The document needs to either be an original or certified, which means it must be signed by a Justice of the Peace or a Notary of the Public.

Finally, you will need to include a fee which is normally £72 for new adult passports. If you have lost or had your passport stolen, the fee is also £72.

Once you have gathered your documentation you need to make an appointment either at a passport office or at a post office that participates in check and send service. Your passport will generally take 1-3 weeks depending on where you applied and the urgency you have checked on your application form.

The British Passport Renewing System
For renewals the process is very similar; however, you can use your current passport as proof of citizenship and the fee is only £42. Also, keep in mind that you will forfeit your old passport when renewing your passport.

Your Closest British Passport Office There are seven different passport offices in the United Kingdom. The main office is located in London but there are others in Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newport and Peterborough. However, you can also use the check and send service at any participating post office.

It’s important to remember to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your appointment. Also, please note that the passport offices are almost always busy and thus you will most likely have to wait at least two weeks for an available appointment.

Keep this in mind when planning a trip. There’s nothing worse than having to re-adjust travel plans because of a delay in your passport.