Colorado Governor In 2006 Colorado Elected the First Home Grown Governor in Over 35 Years

Pioneer Colorado governor Race
Bill Ritter Jr. Won the Race in 2006 to be Colorado’s Governor
Bill Ritter Jr was a candidate in the Governors election in 2006. Running as a member of the Democrat party, Mr. Ritter was noted for being personally opposed to the practice of abortion and his beliefs led to division within the party. The party rallied however, after he assured them that he had no interest in changing state law pertaining to abortion. Mr. Ritter ran unopposed while the Republican race was hotly contested. Because of his views and strong reputation as a prosecutor, he was able to appeal to the politicians and to the voters on both sides. He was elected as the 41st governor of Colorado, which made him the first elected Colorado born Governor in over thirty-five years.

The Pioneer State Has a Rich History
Colorado is a pioneer state that has been through many changes since gold was first discovered in 1858. The rush that brought people west also brought government to establish laws designed to protect the people and their property. The people’s need for structure culminated in President Grant issuing a proclamation in 1876 making Colorado a state. Because it was the 100 year anniversary of the United States, Colorado is known as the Centennial State. Colorado has many historic buildings, mansions and even castles scattered the state. You can have a wedding in a mansion or you can visit a bed and breakfast in a castle. One such castle, the Miramont Castle is located between historic Manitou Springs and the Pikes Peak Cog Railway Depot. The castle with its nine different architectural styles has ballrooms, and an outdoor garden where high tea is served in the afternoon. There is also a chapel and a museum and because it has something for everyone, it is also a haunted estate.

Governor Ritter is a Politician With a Mission
Because the Governor is truly dedicated to making not only Colorado, but the world a better place, in 1987, Governor Ritter and his wife went to Zambia, Africa as a humanitarian workers, seeking to help improve the lives of the people there. He and the first lady, Jennie Ritter ran a nutrition center to help educate the people and give them a healthier way of life. They also operated a food distribution center.

Profile of a Hometown Boy Who Came Home to Serve the People
Raised on a farm in Arapahoe County, Governor Ritter is the sixth child in a family of twelve children. He graduated in 1974 from Gateway High School and attended Colorado State University. He attended the university of Colorado where he received a degree in law in 1981. Straight out of law school, Governor Ritter was employed as a Deputy District Attorney in Denver. He later was appointed to the office of District Attorney where he had a reputation of an innovative prosecutor, starting programs that became both statewide and nationwide models. Governor Ritter is a shinning example of a hometown boy who left to get an education and then came home to make his home state better that it was.