Finding Hertz Codes and Coupons: Discount on Rental Cars

Rental Hertz coupon DiscountHertz Coupons and Car Rental Discounts
Everyone loves a bargain. That is why sales, catalogues and coupon clipping is so popular. When you buy something on sale, you just feel better about the purchase.

This is true with rental car discounts as well. Hertz Car Rentals have different options for coupons and discounts. You just need to know where to look.

The best place to look when it comes to valid Hertz coupons and discounts is on the Hertz website. Because they are a leading car rental company in the world, Hertz has partnered with hundreds of different travel-related companies. This includes airlines such as British Airways and Air Canada, hotels such as the Marriot and railways like Euro Rail and VIA Rail and other companies like AAA. You can save a bundle by bundling your travel arrangements.

For example, some hotels may offer a 15 percent discount on Hertz car rentals when you stay with them. Airline companies may offer you a free car rental when you fly with them. In addition, Hertz may offer you a 20 percent discount on certain hotels around the area. In order to find the best deals, you simply need to do the research.

Other Online Hertz Coupons and Deals
Hertz online has a complete section of their special offers and promotional discounts at the time. These change every season and may include three days for the price of two, weekend upgrades, business discounts and many more deals. Some of these coupons are printable while others just need to be mentioned at the desk or on the phone.

Car Savings with Hertz Coupon Club
Another way to guarantee that you are getting the best deal possible is by joining up the #1 Club program, offered exclusively through Hertz. This is the perfect membership card for those who do a lot of travel for leisure or business. Your details including your car preference, payment plan and optional insurance will remain on file. This means that you can pick up your car and go without any hassles. Furthermore, you will receive the best savings, a better selection on cars, and speedy service every time.

The Reality about other Hertz Coupons and Promotional Code
If you search on the web you may come to many different sites that feature additional codes for coupons at Hertz. This may be a 10 percent corporate rate code, a 15 dollar discount or a free upgrade to a new model. Each code is usually 6-8 digits long.

While some of these may work, others do not. You can always give it a shot and quote the codes at a Hertz office but don’t be surprised if it gets you nowhere. Hertz usually only validates codes from their own websites for from those connected to their affiliates and partners.

When it comes to finding Hertz coupons and discounts, it’s best to stick to the Hertz website.