Fuel Surcharge: National Deisel Rate Percentage

National Fuel surcharge Diesel

It is good news for all of us that the rate per barrel of petroleum is showing a steady dip in the pricing graph. The pricing of petroleum has a direct impact on the world economy. In the recession market when everybody is thinking of cost cutting by some way or the other, the news is like a blessing. The price of Petrol, Diesel and Gas is also going down. On January the average fuel surcharge drop was recorded around 12.85%. The trend is still downward in the month of February.

Fuel Surcharge in the national airlines
The fall in the fuel prices has also impacted the air lines companies directly. Previously when you wanted to book a ticket, an extra fuel surcharge was added on the fare which used to take the total cost sky high. It was a major shock for your credit card balance. But now the scenario is gradually changing. The national airlines are minimizing the surcharge levied on the tickets which makes the price cheaper and affordable.

Average Percentage Rate
During December last year the average rate of gasoline for US was .69 per gallon. The pricing was done as per the rate of the crude which was composed of 56%. The tax was charged by the government of 24% on the retail price of the Crude oil. The marketing and distribution costs were charged at the rate of 19%. A 1% charge was levied for refining and processing.
For Diesel we paid .45 per gallon. The price was composed of 39% of Crude oil price. Taxes were charged at the rate of 19%. Marketing and distribution costs were 25% and refining and processing charges were 17%.
As the price of the crude oil is going down, the total price of the gasoline and diesel are also decreasing.

Cent Rate per gallon
Last week the cent rate of gasoline and diesel both had a fall 0.9 and 2.8 respectively. This is resulting in the fall of prices of all services and products in the market. In the present world scenario we were looking for options to curtail our daily expenditure. The fall in the price has brought us that opportunity where we can save some money.

How to calculate your fuel surcharges
The department of Energy Information Administration (EIA) does not regulate the fuel surcharges in the market. The department is not responsible for any hike or fall in the surcharges for any organization. These are negotiated in a privet discussion with the shipping and the truckers company. They have their own ways of calculation which they add in their tariff. If you really want to know the method of calculation then you can visit the websites of the major shipping and truckers organizations.

Fuel surcharge trucking
Generally a fuel surcharge ranging from 0.86% to 0.99% is charged on each shipment. These rates are subject to change according to the company policy.