Government passport application procedure in Canadian office

Canada Government passport Application

A valid passport is required for any travel, work or immigration purposes for the Canadian citizens. Now if you want to enter the United States by land or water, you may not have to show your passport if you are a Canadian citizens. To stop the illegal immigrants to enter the US the government has announced a strict law. From 1 June 2009 the US government will demand all the Canadian citizens to produce their valid passport for the entrance in The United States by land, water or air.

Government Passport Application
If you are a Canadian citizen and you do not have a valid passport, then this is the perfect time for you to apply for one. Your passport is not only your valid identification proof while traveling but also a useful document that one should have for the financial purposes also.

Canadian Passport Forms
You can download the electronic application forms from the official site of Canada in PDF format. You need to fill every details very carefully and take a print out for submission. Every detail you provide will be verified, so you should submit the form with true data. The different kinds of forms available for the people living in Canada, US or Bermuda are:

PPTC 054- This is a simplified renewal form for your Passport

PPTC 153- This form should be filled up for the adults

PPTC 155- This form needs to be filled up for the minors

PPTC 040- For the adults Canadian citizens living abroad

PPTC 042- For the minor Canadian citizens living abroad
PPTC 190- This form needs to be filled by all the non Canadian
citizens living in Canada

PPTC 192- This form needs to be filled for all non Canadian minor
citizens living in Canada

PPTC 001- It is an additional proof of Canadian Citizenship

PPTC 203- This is a statutory declaration concerning a
stolen, damaged, inaccessible, lost or damaged Canadian

Processing time
If you are lucky enough and you have a passport processing counter nearby your home, you can drop your application forms there. It takes officially two weeks to be processed and the passport to be delivered to your place.
You can also send the application forms through mail or courier services. This might take a longer time to be processed. Officially it takes a month for completion. If you do not want to go through all the paperwork and want a hassle free completion you can go through an agent. These agents will do every thing for you and your passport will reach your correspondence address by the end of one month.

However the agent will charge a fee for his valuable service.
If you are a Canadian Citizen and you stay at the United States or Bermuda, still you can apply for the passport by the agents, mail or courier. Generally it takes four weeks time. However, it may take a longer time if any discrepancy found in the personal details.