Governor Office: Highway Safety Measures in California, Texas, Louisiana

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Every time we fall into a problem in the highway we blame the authorities. This has become a habit for many of us. But the basic point that we all miss out is mere blaming somebody will not solve the problem. Highway mishaps have been a big threat to the people of United States of America. Each and every year people loose their lives in the accidents that take place in the speedy highways all over the country. Even after the best of efforts put in by the government they have failed to restrict the number of accidents in these highways. Keeping this in mind the Federal Government has designed a unique program and they have given this responsibility to the different governors of the states. Each and every governor of the different states of U.S. has designed their highway safety measures and has posted them in their respective websites.

The governor of the state of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has already declared many measures regarding highway security which the citizens have to lawfully abide. All these measures are mentioned in details in his website. Similarly, the websites of the governors of the states of Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, New Jersey, Florida and Illinois are also uploaded with these information’s. If you go through these websites then you will get the definition that the state has declared about highway security.

But the basic point that you will find in most of them are the security measure that you need to take for yourself. If you don’t care for yourself then there is no one in this world who can save you from those miserable accidents. One of the most organized reports has been submitted by the governor of Texas. In his report he has given all the details about the licensed drivers and also about the vehicles which mostly fall into these highway mishaps. In most of the cases, as the report says, it was the drivers fault. Unnecessary speeding of the vehicle and not maintaining lanes which are prescribed is one of the main causes of the accidents. It is also found from the case file that, police cars chasing criminals is also one the cases of accidents.

The study also reveals that in case of thirty percent of the cases the vehicle was not in order. Either it had some problem with the brakes or its tires were not in shape. Most of the mishaps take place during the monsoons when the roads get slippery due to the rain. Here in comes your responsibility, of checking the tires and other accessories of the vehicle before setting off to drive. No one can help you, even with the best of signaling system and roads if you do not perform the right check-ups before leaving your house.

So, it is very much important and highly advisable that you go through these websites and study the measures which the governors have taken. It is for your safety that these measures have been taken and you can respect that only by following. Remember, that whatever is done is for your safety and security. At last all that I can say after going through all the websites and reading about highway security is that our government “really cares”.