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Granite is a felsic, intrusive and igneous rock. The texture of granite is medium to coarse with larger crystals than the groundmass which form porphyry rock. The color of the granite depends on the chemistry and mineralogy. As this is massive in structure, hard it is used worldwide for the construction purpose.

Granite is used throughout the world for making indoors and outdoors strong and beautiful. Granite suppliers are available all over the world and places which are famous for granites have lots of granite suppliers. Those places are Brazil, Finland, India, Norway, Portugal, Chaves, vila pouca de aguir, Spain, Galicia, Extremadura, southern Africa, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Sweden, bohuslan, new Hampshire, Vermont, Minnesota and north Carolina.

Marble is a strong rock which is extensively used for indoors and outdoors. It is a non foliated metamorphic rock which is the result of the metamorphism of limestone. Marble is used for making sculptures and in buildings. It is also used in replacement for stones which are highly polished. Pure white marbles are the result of pure limestone and colored marbles are due to mineral impurities like clay, silt, sand, iron oxides and chert. Green marbles are formed due to high magnesium limestone and dolostone with silica.

There are many types of marble which are collected from all over the world. The different type of marbles are Beijing white, black marble, malagori white, boticena, onyx green, brac, brown marble, carrara marble, Connemara marble, danby marble, Durango marble, fauske, liano pink, luni marble, macael, katni marble, red marble, royal white, vencac white, Vietnam white, yule, etc.

Manufactured piece of hard material like ceramic, stone, metal and glass is called tile. They are used to cover floors, roofs, walls and special areas. Tiles go well in the bathroom and the kitchen areas.  Ceiling tiles are made from light weight materials like perlite, wood and mineral wool. Tiles can be simple and complex which is better known as mosaics and both comes in glossy and matte finish. They have many colors and prints which can suit any place very easily. Dye sublimation and the ceramic based toners application creates photographic quality tile. Now even in the corporate world tiles are extensively used for its easy maintenance and look.

Slab can be defined as the square or rectangular piece of wood and stone which is used in constructing buildings, patios, pavements, etc. slabs can be easily used in decorating your indoors and outdoors and can match well with overall decoration.

Granite Rock climbing
We all know about rock climbing but climbers love granite rocks and they are one of the favourites of the climbers. Granite rocks are known for its steepness, soundness, crack systems and frictions. Yosemite, the bugaboos, the mont blanc, the aiguille du peak, the aiguille du midi peak, grandes jorasses peak, the bregaglia, Corsica, the Fitzroy massif, Patagonia, Baffin island, the Cornish coast, the cairngorns and parts of karakoram are the few popular granite rocks.