Granite wholesale: Tile, Slabs Counter Supplier

Tops Granite wholesale Counter

Granite is a form of igneous rock sediment which is felsic in nature. It is mostly found in the tropical and equatorial belt of our planet. Depending on the metamorphic and geological conditions of the place granites are found in different colours like black, grey or even pink. This is a massive stone mass which is sliced and polished for the normal usage. The stone is tough and hard and this quality has led it to become the prime choice in construction business. The stone is basically popular for its toughness and shine.

Granite Wholesale
Many organizations in different country are now into the wholesale of Granite. There are certified ISO (International Standardization Organization) companies who has their dedicated team for quality control. This company either has their own mining systems or they purchase the raw stones from the mines. Then the stones are processed and the products are distributed in the market in bulk quantities under different brand names.

Granite Tiles
The granite tiles are one of the most popular options for the common people as well as the mega builders to use in the constructions. The tiles are used in walls, floors and sometimes as the part of the mosaic. The stone is easy to maintain and durable. The price is comparatively higher than the other tiles. The most popular usage of the granite tiles are for the Counter tops. But mostly granite slabs are used for that purpose. The price of granite can range from to 0 per square feet.

Granite Slab and countertops
The counter tops made with granite are strong, durable and glamorous than any other material. It adds a class to your kitchens. There are thousands of restaurants and hotels which has granite counter tops. There are many advantages of the stone counter tops. They are easy to clean and the shine remains and is easy to maintain. It is strong and durable which is the prime necessity.

Granites and the Marbles
Marbles are the hot favorites for the different civilizations from the ancient times. The Taj in India is a marvelous sculptural specimen of the Marbles. These are also derived from the sediments of metamorphic stones. Marbles are soft stones and the supply is also according to the demand in the market. Till the last few decades the usage of marbles were popular and were considered elegant. But nowadays the granites are more popular. We can see the furniture made up of granites like coffee tables, dinning tables and bed side tables being sold in the market. The colour of the marbles are lighter than the granites, hence they are popularly used as the flooring for the rooms. However, the granites are tougher but the shades are darker. So the are less popular as floorings.

Granite Suppliers
Different companies are emerging in the world market as the supplier of granite slabs, Chips, Tiles, etc. Few of them are there in the competition for more than a century and are the most trusted ones. If you are planning to buy Granite or any of its bye products you can order it from your home. The best way to do it is to order online. The company will take all of your specifications and if required they will send a surveyor to take the exact measurements. Then the products will be supplied at your door step with out any damages.