Grocery market: Southern Family Store

Southern  Grocery market Family

Grocery market is one of the oldest concepts of this world. During the time of the barter system people go to markets to buy grocery and other food stuffs. But now the scenario has changed as the mode of payment is money and the markets are modern and stylish. There are many grocery markets all over the world.

Southern family market
Southern family market is a chain of supermarkets distributed in New Hampshire and founded in 2005. This chain is composed of many small stores from different companies. In 2005 they expanded to 104 more stores which operate under the BI-LO, Bruno’s supermarkets, food world, food max and food fair brands. The products which are available in these markets are dairy products, deli, frozen foods, grocery, meat, produce and snacks. The headquarters of the southern family market is in Birmingham in Alabama.

Street market
This is a traditionally held market in a square or town and an outdoor market. Generally these markets are arranged on particular days in particular places. In Greece Street markets are called laikes agores which means people’s market. There are regular markets and weekly markets all over Greece and Athens. You can buy fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, meat, flowers and plants fro here. Readymade foods are also available to make your mouth watery. Hong Kong has many such market places but they remain open except on some special Chinese days. You can buy clothes and electronics with the food items from here. Tung Choi Street and Apliu Street are famous for its markets. In London there are Berick street market, Camden market, East street market and Portobello road market. In Turkey every district has own markets which are available from five hours to eighteen hours. You can find white cheese, fruits, vegetables and clothing there. Turkey is also famous for its spice bazaar.

Basket market
This market was founded by Johnnie Alford, Ed Hughes, Howard Hatfield, Roy Theroit and Bruce Thompson in 1962. These five people owned one store each and it helped in lowering the advertising cost. Thompson and Hughes bought 4 stores as partners around 1960. During 2001, they opened two stores in Port Arthur and Nederland’s. In 2002 they purchased Price-lo stores in Vidor and Deridder.

DeMoulas market basket
This is popularly known as market basket is a chain of 59 supermarkets in New England. The stores are from New Hampshire to Bristol country in Massachusetts and the headquarters are in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. In 2008 it became the 45th in the top 75 North American food retailers. In 1917 it was opened by Arthur and Efrosini DeMoulas and within 15 years it was expended to 15 modern supermarket chains. Now they operates in Supervalu, Shaw’s and star market, white foods markets, Trader Joe’s, Delhaize Hannaford, stop and stop, super 88 and Johnnie’s food master.

Neighborhood market
Wal-Mart neighborhood market was launched in 1998 and opposites in designs from superstores. They established their market in Puerto Rico in 2004. They opened three stores in London, Ontario and Greater Toronto area which now have increased to 30 super markets later. United States has neighborhood market in almost every super-store.