Halifax herald: Chronicle Newspaper

Newspaper Halifax herald Chronicle

This is a broadsheet which is published in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The herald chronicle is the highest circulated newspaper in the Atlantic Provinces and also the largest independent newspaper in Canada. The owner of this newspaper is the Dennis family of Halifax. In 1875 the Morning herald was one of the main newspapers of the Halifax. In 1949 the Chronicles and the Star, both the set of papers joined to become the Chronicle Herald and the Mail star. The company started to produce a Sunday special named, the Sunday herald, in 1998. The Mail star and the Chronicle herald were merged together in 2004 to make the Chronicle herald.  It became the first newspaper in Canada and one of the few to operate a WIFAG offset press in January 2004. This press made the newspaper more colorful and stylish, in terms of fonts and everything else. It was named one of the Canada’s top 100 employers in 2008 October.

Halifax herald newspaper is one of the most read newspaper in Canada. It has all the exciting and detailed news of the locality. It also has worldwide news which covers various topics, region, country, issues, etc like any other leading company. You can read the classified to know more about the product and services available there. You can even advertise your product through this newspaper. It has 21193 media guide which takes care of all the media related work.

Nova Scotia
Situated in Canada, Nova Scotia has beautiful winter, spring, summer and fall with great scenic beauty, rich culture and great beaches and villages. The Heralds Halifax is situated in the Argyle Street, which has divisions like newsroom, advertising, circulation, editor’s room and many more. The office is situated in the island and the place has lots of blue waters.

Online reading
If you do not have enough time to turn the pages of the newspaper, you can still read the headlines working in front of your computer. To read the news online you have to visit their website where you can find all the news and classifieds. There are options like today’s paper and news; you just have to click on them. You can choose by the sections like opinions, business, sports, arts and life, community, wheels press, jobs press, obituary, classified and archive. You can also select the papers of 7 days before or search a particular one by selecting the web option. There are contests and blogs which are interesting to read and participate. You can even play sudoku in your free time. There is a section which has all the useful information like lotteries, tides, weather, movie times, TV guide, etc and you can bookmark the page or select to make it your homepage. This will save your time when you want to go for news and have little time.

Obituary is the information of the people who passed away which is given daily in the Chronicle Herald. You can read about them and can also book a place there if you have lost someone recently.