Helicopter Pilot: The Training, the School, the Job and the Lifestyle

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If it’s always been your dream to fly, then you might consider a job as a helicopter pilot. Like an airplane pilot, you will be soaring miles above ground in a world all your own. If you live in Canada there are plenty of job options, training schools and possibilities to fulfill your flying dream.

In Canada, most helicopters are used to transport men and equipment into remote locations such as up North. This means that with the job, you can also expect to live in the bush. Most helicopters are busiest during the summer months and most attend school during fall and spring.

The basic salary for a commercial helicopter pilot in Canada is ,000 to ,000 a year depending on experience and training. After two years of work, many pilots exceed over ,000. Furthermore, those with a Canadian license have the ability to work all over the world. The possibilities are literally limitless.

Training to Become a Helicopter Pilot
To become a helicopter pilot you must pass a lot of different requirements. First, you need to fly for a required number of hours. You can do this during a training school or by the hour. Keep in mind that it can be quite expensive to get the flying training you need; however, if you want to fly, it can be worth it.

Be a Helicopter Pilot by Going to School
Once you have the required flying hours you will need to pass a license test. However, you cannot pass that test unless you are of a certain age. In some states the age is 17; in others it is 23. Ask at your nearest training camp about the age requirements. You will then be instructed to take a pilot exam and a medical exam. If you have health problems, you will most likely not be allowed to fly. This is because it could be a danger to yourself and to those flying with you, as well as the people under you.

By passing your tests and gaining the proper amount of flying time you are well on your way to becoming a pilot. However, most jobs require that you have a certain amount of flying experience. Sometimes the best way to get this experience is through the army or the military. The Canadian Armed Forces may hold your ticket to experience and training as a pilot.

Alberta and British Columbia Helicopter Training Schools
There are several training schools in Canada for aspiring helicopter pilots. However, three of the best schools are Heli-College in Langley, British Columbia, Bighorn Helicopter Flight School in Calgary, Alberta and E-Z Air Helicopter Training Inc in Edmonton, Alberta.

These schools offer state of the art training for those who want a career as a helicopter pilot. To learn more and begin your career as a pilot, visit their respective websites and get ready for the ride of your life.