Hertz Canada: Number One in Car, Truck and Equipment Rental

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Hertz Canada is more than just a car rental company. In fact, you may be surprised by the various services that Hertz Canada offers. Below we have outlined the different branches that make up the Hertz Family.

All across the world, Hertz is your number one stop for car rental services. This is because they are located at almost every major airport in the world. In fact, you probably can’t get off a plane without noticing a Hertz rental shop nearby. Furthermore, they are also located in cities, at train stations and in hotels.

Hertz offers plenty of different options when it comes to renting a car. For those on a business trip, there are cruisy coupes and sedans. For those on a family vacation, try one of the sporty SUV’s. For those looking for some fun and some sun, try a convertible, a jeep or a corvette. There are even luxury town cars, Cadillac’s and Hummers waiting for you to take them for a spin.

Hertz buys from the some of the leading car manufacturers including Ford, Toyota, Honda, Jeep, Chevy and Mazda. They also offer automatic and manual transmissions and vehicles with all types of engines. For the fuel conscious opt for a green machine; for the speed demon, try one of the V-8 models.

Additional Hertz Canada Rental Features
For those who do a lot of traveling whether for business or for pleasure, Hertz offers a #1 Club membership where you can get speedy service, more selection and better savings and discounts on your Hertz rentals.

This program acts as a loyalty rewards program. There are two types- the standard #1 Gold program and the #1 Gold Club program which works with an awards point system to reward those frequent customers with free rental days and other bonuses.

Hertz Canada Truck and Moving Corporation
In addition to car rentals, Hertz Canada also participates in a truck and van moving service. You can rent a moving truck or van for a certain period of time. These vans come in three sizes: 15′, 20′ and 24′ for all your moving needs. They are reasonably priced and you can use the one-way system. When moving across town, across province, or across country, this service is especially convenient. Simply pack up, drive to your new home, unload and drop the truck off at any Hertz Canada truck depots.

Hertz Canada Equipment Rental
Another member of the Hertz family is the Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation which leases out heavy duty equipment and tools. This can be for a long term or a short term project. It can be for a large building site or a small backyard job. There are payment plans, safety tips and instructions and a variety of options for both new and used equipment.

When it comes to renting vehicles, no matter how big or small, Hertz is your number one rental shop.