Hertz Car Sales: Why Buy a Hertz Used Auto?

Used  Hertz sales CarThe Hertz Car Sales Conglomerate
When you think of the Hertz Company, you probably automatically think of cars. This is because Hertz has been a big name in car rentals for over 80 years. They have expanded their vehicle empire to also include car sales.

When a rental car is one year or older, Hertz will need to sell it to make room for the latest models. When you rent a car, a truck or an SUV with Hertz, you are renting with the best. And this means the most up to date model. It seems silly to just forget about the older models and let them collect dust in the back ground. This is why Hertz Car Sales was created. The quality, service and low rates are passed on to the consumer.

Advantages to Hertz Used Cars
Because the vehicles are only one year old, they are still practically new. Some of them have hardly been driven. Furthermore, they are in much better condition than personal vehicles. There is a less likely chance the car has been in an accident; after all, everyone who drives a rental car is extra safe about it. They are serviced and maintained regularly as Hertz hires their own group of car mechanics. This is not the case with private vehicle sales. Most importantly, Hertz used cars are actually much cheaper in price than a car dealership or a private sale.

Why is that?

It’s quite simple actually. When Hertz purchases their vehicles from the dealership, they will get the best deal possible. This is because they are regular customers and are constantly purchasing new cars. So, when it comes time to sell the vehicle, they can afford to sell it for a lot cheaper. Essentially, they pass the savings onto you.

Disadvantages to Buying a Hertz Auto
Many people enjoy the hunt and the bargain of buying a new used car. With Hertz, the process is made relatively easy which, although may sound like a dream come true for some, actually takes the fun out of car shopping for others.

Furthermore, Hertz cars are quite standard. Sure they have the different sized sedan, coupes, SUV’s and even the occasional convertibles, but if you are looking for something truly unique, you will most likely have to look elsewhere.

Hertz Car Rental, Equipment and More
Apart from Hertz Car Sales, the Hertz Company also handles car rentals and various other rentals needs. Hertz Rentals have been in business for over 80 years and operates all across the nation and the world. They also have a Hertz Equipment Rental company which leases out heavy duty equipment and industrial tools and a Hertz Claims Management Office for car billings and warranty issues.

So whether you are in California and need to drive to Boise, or you are looking to explore the Ireland coast overseas, look to Hertz for the car sales and car rentals.