Hot Wheels Cars: Free Games and other Dot Com Goodies

Car Hot wheel GameThe Hot Wheel Game Trend
Hot Wheels have been a popular toy for children of all ages since the 60’s. Hot Wheels are miniature cars that were designed to race on toy tracks. Mattel, the American toy company responsible for the Hot Wheel phenomenon has now made well over 10,000 different Hot Wheel models and have expanded their car empire into cyber space.

Nowadays Hot has become the number one source for online car gaming. Hot Wheels has a large variety of games based on their model cars. These include racing games such as Colors Shifters Track Action, puzzle games such as Mystery Maze Mayhem, action games such as Beast Bash Beware, and arcade games such as Pick Up Panic. This is just a small selection of the different games under the Hot Wheels conglomerate.

Other popular games include Rebellion Racer, Crushzilla Cruiser, Half Pipe Challenge, Insane Arranger, Maniac’s Zany Ride, Moto X Freestyle and Monster Jam Destruction. To view the entire collection, check out the Hot Wheels Game website.

History of the Different Car Models
The history of the Hot Wheels car is quite modeled after our transportation in general. Beginning in 1968, Mattel introduced the Hot Wheels collection with a Barracuda, Camaro, Corvette, Cougar, Eldorado, Firebird, Mustang and several others. These are now the collectables, just like their full sized counterparts. From there the different models continued to grow with Cruisers, Coupes, Chargers, T-Birds and several other classics. The detailing on these miniature cars is exquisite from the paint job down to the rims.

In 1995 Mattel introduced the Treasure Hunt series which was an instant hit. These cars were released with a green stripe and rubber tires, and, although retailed at the same price as other cars, were considered priceless to collectors.

In 2008 Hot Wheels celebrated its 40th year with a large release of mini cars including 12 Treasure Hunt, 12 Track Stars, 24 Web Trading cars and many others. They are planning on releasing even more new cars in 2009. These cars will include the Surfin School Bus, the Ferrari 512M, a Buick Grand National and the Plymouth Road Runner.

More Dot Com Goodies by Hot Wheels
These days kids are spending more and more time on the computer, downloading products and playing cyber games, than actually outside racing their toy cars. Hot Wheels has caught onto this and thus, they offer plenty of indoor downloading activities for their consumers.

This include screensaver downloads, wallpaper downloads and Icon downloads for your computer and your mobile telephone. They also offer a cyber store where you can shop, buy and sell your favorite Hot Wheels cars with other Hot Wheel fanatics.

Free Hot Wheels Game
To check out the variety of games, go to Hot Wheel dot com and click on the gaming section. Put your racing gloves on and rev your engine- you’re in for a wild ride.