Illustration Jobs: From Freelance Design to Children’s Books

Freelance  Illustration jobs JobIllustration Jobs: Job, Education and Salary Outlook
Illustrators are employed in more publication areas than you think. Sure, there are the obvious children book illustrators and newspaper comic book illustrators but there are also illustrators employed by wrapping paper companies, media companies, calendar companies and several more.

Essentially, an illustrator is someone who draws or designs pictures for publication. This can include books, newspapers, websites, magazines and several other forms of media. These day illustrators work free hand but they also use computer technology to compose their illustrations.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, illustrators and other artistic creators made an average of ,000 in 2007. However, this number can vary depending on skill, employment and experience. Some illustrators made ,000 while others made well over ,000.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports that illustration jobs are expected to grow at a rate of 16 percent within the next ten years. This is great news for anyone considering a career in illustration and design.

To become an illustrator you must possess a keen eye, an understanding of visual aesthetics and the ability to draw, sketch and design. However, you will also need formal training. This can include a Bachelor in Visual Arts or Fine Arts or a degree from a private art school. Design training programs and free-style drawing classes are necessary to understand the methods of modern day illustration.

Illustration Jobs: Freelance Jobs for Illustrators
Many illustrators are freelancers. This means they work for various companies and are, essentially their own boss. They work on a contract basis for different companies. This keeps the job interesting and also challenging. For example, an illustrator may work on a travel brochure one week and then as an illustrator for a series of comic books the next. You may be working contracting for a real estate company, a major newspaper publication and a book publication all at the same time. It all depends on where your skill takes you.

Illustration Jobs: From William Blake’s Songs to Beatrix Potter’s Book
Illustrators have come a long way. However, they continue to tell stories with their pictures and inspire visual imagination for their viewers. Illustrations in William Blake’s poetry complemented the poems and gave a second meaning to his words.

Children book illustrator Beatrix Potter’s pictures bring her stories to life. Children escape into the world of Peter Rabbit and Squirrel Nutkin through her beautiful drawings. While Mom or Dad reads to them, they can partake in the adventure of their favorite characters.

Children book illustrators bring the story alive and make reading a fun experience for those just discovering the world of literature.

Illustration Jobs: Illustration Books and Inspirational Illustrators
For more information on becoming an illustrator, navigator Illustration Web, a free online directory for all your illustration needs.

For inspiration check out Carl Barks, Walt Kelly, E.J. Sullivan, Hal Foster and Jack Kirby’s drawings. These illustrators have shaped contemporary drawing into what it is today