Interview Technique: Get that Star Job with Free In Person and Phone Tips

Star Interview technique JobGet that Job: Interview Techniques Explained
The job interview process is a scary process indeed. You will be put on the spot which can be nerve racking for anyone.

You need to prove to your potential employer that you have what it takes to not only be a good employee, but an excellent one. Below we have listed some of the best interview techniques to make sure you nail that interview and get the job.

Star Quality Interview Tips
Make sure that you are prepared. This includes being prepared both body and mind. Take some time before the interview to go through the technical aspects including clothing and personal appearance. Wear something that is business casual and appropriate for the level of work you are applying to do.

Make a list of questions that your interviewer may ask you. Your skills, your past experiences, your motivations, your flaws should all be taken into consideration. You should also make a list of questions that you may have for your employer and do some research on the company. This proves that you are focused on the job and motivated to take the extra step.

Free Style or Preparation? Interview Technique Dilemma
Many people are able to go into an interview and ace it free style. This can be extremely hard to do and, in most cases, it’s always best to at least do a little bit of preparation, even if you work well under pressure.

After all, it’s better safe than sorry.

On the Phone Interview Technique
Sometimes you will be asked to undergo a phone interview. This is often the case if you are in another city or country and the person simply wants to get to know a little bit about you without flying you 1000 miles across the country.

You should think of a phone interview in the same way as an in person interview. Sure, you can wear your pajamas but you still need to be prepared and know what you are going to say.

Make sure that you are in a quiet place with absolutely no distractions around you. This means no computer, no television and no roommates. Also, be sure to have a pen and paper in front of you so you can take any notes.

When undergoing a phone interview, you need to speak clearly and slowly. Follow the same steps as listed above with a regular interview including research and question preparation. You can keep this information in front of your to relate back if you get stuck.
You will not be able to use hand gestures or eye contact so you will need to use your words and your speech to persuade your potential boss that you are best suited for the job.

Whether in person or on the phone, you need to prove to your potential employer that you are not only prepared for the job, but that you are willing to go the extra step for their company.