Jobs in the Helicopter Sector: Commercial Pilot and Mechanical Duties

Mechanic Helicopter jobs PilotBecoming a Commercial Helicopter Pilot
If you are looking for a career that takes you to heights you never imagined, then consider becoming a helicopter pilot. Like a commercial airplane pilot you are responsible for safely flying your copter. You may be transporting passengers or you may be transporting goods. Either way, it is up to as, as a pilot to ensure that your load and your copter make it to the destination safely.

If this seems a little too extreme for you, then you might be better suited under the helicopter. There are job openings all across America with several of the top flying companies for helicopter mechanics.

Both of these jobs require dedication, ambition and commitment. Furthermore, they require the proper training and education.

For those who want to fly a helicopter for a living, you will need your commercial helicopter pilot license. This is offered through several schools and includes a required amount of recorded flying hours, a medical examination and a Pilot’s exam among other things.

Essentially a commercial pilot is someone who can fly a helicopter for a living. This includes working in the tourism industry flying them to the local hot spots via helicopter. You can also work for certain government sectors and companies. There are people in the Police academy, the Fire department, the Emergency services, the military, the air force and other government related sectors that are hired as commercial helicopter pilots.

There are helicopter schools all across America and the world that provide the service and instruction needed to become a helicopter pilot. These courses are extensive and are not cheap. However, for those dedicated to obtaining a commercial helicopter license, an accredited helicopter school is the best way to go.
Becoming a Helicopter Mechanic
Another great job is a helicopter mechanic. Someone needs to fly them; however, someone else needs to repair and fix them. A helicopter mechanic ensures that all parts of the helicopter are safe. This includes repairing and servicing all sections of a helicopter from its tires to the engine.
To become a helicopter mechanic you will need to attend a special training school. Your training will be offered as an apprenticeship where you learn and work at the same time. This is the best way to get a hands-on understanding of how the mechanics of a helicopter work. You will need to pass every aspect of the course to prove you are qualified to work under a copter.

Finding Commercial Pilot and Mechanical Jobs
Once you have passed the training and the required tests you are ready to fly, or work on a helicopter. There are several online resources for searching for helicopter-related jobs. Simply search through the list of jobs available.

Helicopter Jobs: You can be a Pilot
You may be forced to move outside your home town as there are helicopter postings all over the world. However, this is all part of the adventure of becoming a licensed commercial helicopter pilot or mechanic.