Kaiser Jobs provide job opportunity at Permanente Hospital

Hospital Kaiser jobs JobWhy work for Kaiser?
Kaiser jobs are not only a job, they are an opportunity. The continuous growth of Kaiser gives employees the option of growing with the company and moving up to higher positions. Kaiser also offers varieties of discipline. Whether you are in the nursing field, or a pharmacist, physician, dentist, or systems programmer, Kaiser has an opportunity for you. Kaiser supplies employment to more than 152,000 people.

Finding job opportunities at Kaiser is simple
We have a website dedicated to gaining employees. Job searches are easy. If you are planning to apply, you will need to log in, or sign up on our site. Signing up will allow you to have a user name and password for use on our job website. The purpose of this is for privacy, with the intent to keep your personal information safe. After creating your user name and password, you can log onto the site and search for available positions. You will need to specify your preference of job location. If you are residing in Ohio, you probably will not want to apply for a California job. Using keyword searches such as job listing Permanente, job Permanente search, or hospital job opportunity Permanente may not be very helpful. This is because our Company name is Kaiser Permanente, and we also have locations in Permanente, California. The search bar will not be able to specify what you are looking for, so you will end up with jobs in Permanente, jobs in other areas with our company name in the job description.

Working for Kaiser is a rewarding job
At Kaiser, the benefits and rewards are tremendous. Employees are eligible for benefits according to full-time or part-time status and the total number of hours worked per week. Benefits will vary depending on your region, position, and total number of weekly hours worked. Health care coverage is provided to Kaiser Employees, spouses or domestic partner, and unmarried dependent children. Paid time off is also offered to Kaiser employees for designated holidays, vacation, sick leave, and life balance days to help support the quality of our employees lives. Kaiser Permanente offers life insurance options, as well as disability benefits that provide financial security to you and your dependents. Kaiser also offers retirement packages, such as pension plans and elective retirement savings. Quality employees are recognized at Kaiser, this is why Kaiser Rewards dedicated employees. Kaiser thrives on being a professional collaborative team focused on quality, service, and care.

Kaiser keeps growing
The continuous growth of the Kaiser Company allows existing employees to move up, as well as provides new employment opportunities to other people. The opportunity for relocation is also an option for Kaiser Employees. With Kaiser Locations in numerous states, Kaiser employees can relocate to other areas. Kaiser betters the lives of its patients, everyday. Employees benefit outside of work too. Kaiser offers life enriching activities for their employees such as charity days, fitness classes, seminars, workshops, self defense, and managing pregnancy, among others.