Preparing for your Elementary Teacher Interview: Questions and Answers to ensure you get hired

Answer Teacher interview QuestionThe First Question to Ask: Teacher Interview Preparation
A career as an elementary school teacher is a rewarding experience. You will be responsible for molding the minds of young children in your school district. You will guide them on their journey through reading, writing, mathematics, science, history and several other subjects. Furthermore, you will be their mentor and their inspiration for learning and growing as individuals. However, before you can enter your first elementary school classroom, you must prove that you are right for the job. This is where your teacher interview comes in.

The first question you need to ask yourself is this: Am I prepared? If you answered no, then don’t stress. Below is a sample of various questions and answers related to teaching and a practical guide for succeeding in your ever-important teacher interview.

The Standard Question-and-Answer Teacher Interview Questions
The first thing an employer is going to ask you is to tell a little bit about yourself. When asked this, you need to give a very brief three sentence background about your colleges, your certification and your teaching and working experiences. You should also explain why you’d love the job.

Another standard question is How do you teach to the state standards. Since the introduction of the No Child Left Behind Act, more and more administrators are concerned with their state standards. You need to ensure your employer that you will follow the book and prepare your students for standardized assessment. Show lesson plans with state standards typed right into the plan and show quizzes and prep plans for your students.

Not-so-Elementary Teacher Interview Questions
Your interviewer will most likely also ask you more confusing questions about your experience. This may include your discipline philosophy, your parent-teacher communication method and your special education and problem student experience. Make sure you mention positive reinforcement and firmness on your classroom rules. Make a list of the common rules in your classroom and examples of what happens if students do not follow these rules. At the elementary school level, parent teacher communication is extremely important and you need to demonstrate that you firmly believe this. Perhaps you hand out a newsletter for parents every week; perhaps you call home once a month; perhaps you insist on meeting every parent at the start of the term.

Teacher Interview Preparation: Moe Tips on How to Get Hired
Besides the questions and answers, you will need to look the part. Make sure you dress teacher appropriately and come prepared with a list of questions to ask your employer. Use body language, eye contact and remain positive throughout the interview. You should also do your research on the school including history and statistics. This will demonstrate to your employer that you are willing to go the extra step for your future in education.