Robinson Helicopter : Manufacturer of Modern Helicopters

Company Robinson helicopter Sale

Mr. Frank Robinson founded his engineering company in the year 1973 for research and developments. The company has employee strength of around 1200 and is the largest producer of helicopters in North America. The company conducts courses for safe flying every month for the flight instructors. There are also courses and training programs organized by the company for the maintenance personnel and the helicopter technicians. Robinson Helicopter has a huge network of around 110 authorized dealers and 290 service centers all around the world in 50 countries which includes Russia and China.

New designs of the company
The company is always working towards the research and development of their Helicopters. They are doing a constant research for refining the model designs of R44 and R22, which will improve their effectiveness and enhance the performance. They are also working towards reducing the maintenance cost and the increasing the fuel efficiency of the air crafts.

Recent developments and company sales strategy
The factory of Robinson is specially designed and packed with all modern technologies for the manufacturing of the helicopters. The Hi-tech state of the art modern machineries and trained staff are always working together for the best possible production. For marketing and distribution of their aircrafts the company has identified different sectors as their target customers. The R44 Police helicopter has all the equipments for the law and enforcement operations. The four seated R44 is also marketed to the corporate clients and the R44 clipper is specially designed for the naval operation. The R44 Newscopter is designed for the media usage. It can provide an aerial platform for television broadcasting.

Manufacturing units of the company
The Robinson Helicopter Company was shifted in the year 1994 to a new site of 260000 squire foot. This manufacturing facility is located at southern California. Just after 10 years the company had to add another manufacturing unit of 220000 square foot to meet the demands for its R44 helicopters. The sites are using the latest technologies like Computer numerically controlled machining which helps them to give maximum output with minimum resources. The company has produced around 5400 helicopters till date and is considered to be the largest civil helicopter manufacturing site. The company was awarded with ISO 9001 certification for the designs, manufacturing and servicing of the aircrafts. Most of their operations which include welding, assembling, machining, painting and the most important part, flight testing are done inside the factory maintaining the international standards. They never outsource their work to any third party or vendors.

After sale company support
A full range of after sales customer services are offered by the Robinson Helicopter Company. They offers guarantee for the parts, machinery and the spare parts of the air craft. All repairs and servicing of the helicopter are done in their own facility. All kinds of technical support are also provided by the experts in the organization. Customers who have any concerns can call up their help desk number at any working day.