School for Freight Broker and Agent: training

Agent Freight broker TrainingBefore one takes the plunge and embark on getting the necessary legal requirements needed for becoming a freight broker, one should first decide whether becoming a freight broker is right for oneself. Unless one has experience in the field taking a course on becoming a freight broker may be a good starting point. Also, a search of “freight broker” through any of the search engines will give you listings for the course.
Proper training, in school or otherwise, in software, and education online about the business are helpful for getting the opportunity of becoming an agent. Whether you are in Michigan or elsewhere, you can have some authority in the field without even gathering a truckload of information

Becoming a freight broker
To become freight broker, you will first need to get the proper legal documents.
Three legal documents are needed to operate as a freight broker. They are:
1. A Broker’s Authority through the FMCSA. Form OP-1 is to be filled out by you and filed for your authority to operate as a broker. 2. Surety Bond or Trust Fund, that is obtained from a bank or bonding company. The cost will vary depending on your personal credit. You are required to carry a ,000 bond or trust. However, if your credit is good, some companies will put up your bond for you for a fee (normally 0 to 0 per year). BMC-84 or BMC-85 is the form filed with this. 3. Processing Agent runs approximately , with form BOC-3.
Once your legal documents are in order, you will need a fax machine, a computer with high speed Internet, a telephone and service with inexpensive unlimited long distance. If you are about to open a brokerage, you will also perhaps want to purchase a transportation software program. You will use your broker’s software system if you are an agent.
You can open a freight agency, or even become a freight broker agent, without obtaining your own licensing and with little risk. In such a case, you would operate as an agent, under the umbrella of another broker’s authority. You would also do a split with the broker on your profits

Requirements for getting started
If you desire to become a Broker, i.e. start your own company; you will need a telephone, a computer and fax machine. Moreover, you will need to obtain the legal documents listed below.

Broker’s Authority: through the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration.

Surety Bond or Trust Fund: obtained from a bonding company or local bank. Costs vary depending on your personal credit history. For a sum as little as 0 per year to as high as a one-time fee of ,000. Works are much like a regular insurance policy. The form to be filed is either the BMC 84 or 85. It depends on whether you obtain a bond or trust.

Processing Agent: Approximately so that if you ever have a lawsuit filed against you, a lawyer from that state will call and inform you of the claim. In this case, the form to be filed is the BOC-3.
However, if you want to become an agent, all you will need are a phone, computer, and fax machine.