Supermarket Shopping with a Smile at Bloom Grocery Store

Grocery Bloom grocery StoreJust another Super Store?
If you’re like most people then weekly grocery shopping is a chore you could do without. The long line ups, the crowded aisles and the annoying push trolleys are just a few of the annoyances that can come with grocery shopping.

Furthermore, most large chain supermarkets feature crowded parking lots that are impossible to get out of, and awful indoor lightning that makes you wish you brought your sunglasses. The whole experience leaves much to be desired.

But not at Bloom.

Bloom Grocery and so much More
Bloom Grocery stores pride themselves on being different. They have taken all of the annoying super market issues and fixed them as best as they can. In fact, they make it their goal to ensure that your shopping experience is a happy one.

You have your doubts. And why not? Every big name super market claims to be different. However, in the end, they are all the same.

Bloom Grocery’s Food Navigation
Bloom promises a shopping experience with a difference. For one, their staff are actually friendly. They want to be there; they want to help you; and they want to make your day better.

They even offer simple meal solutions and recipes to help make it easier to prepare dinner. Furthermore, Bloom also offers an errands service where you can hire the associates to do your errands while you shop. From DVD rentals to lottery services, Bloom is there for you.

Bloom Grocery Supermarket
Like many of the grocery giants out there, Bloom is more than just food. They also provide beer and wine, health and pharmacy and floral. However, what sets them apart is that they also provide a fuel service, a postage centre, and office kiosk and even a DVD rental. It’s literally your one-stop shop.

Another great thing about Bloom grocery is that the layout makes sense. Don’t you hate rushing down aisle after aisle not knowing there things are located? It’s not logical to place pickles next to sugar and yet many grocery stores do anywhere.

Not Bloom.

Bloom has created a food navigation system based on logic. Now that’s what we call food for thought.

There are other things you may notice when you first walk into Bloom that sets it apart from your typical supermarket. For one, the lightning isn’t harsh. In fact, the entire store has a peaceful ambiance and a calming vibe. You won’t feel like you need to shop and go as fast as you can.

Furthermore, Bloom’s offers no wait lines. This is what sets Bloom apart from the rest. Bloom’s has a little handheld bar code scanner that allows you to scan and bag your purchases while you shop. You won’t have to unload your cart, wait in line, and then reload your cart like in most grocery stores. You can literally shop and go.

Now that’s something to bloomin’ smile about!