The Hertz Corporation: 80 Years of Car and Equipment Rental and Service

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The Hertz Corporation is synonymous with cars service. And with a track record of over 80 years of quality and service in the vehicle sector, it’s easy to see why Hertz continues to be a leading name in car rentals, car sales and anything else related to your vehicle.

Equipment Rental is one of Hertz specialties. Established in 1965, the Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation provides high quality products in both Canada and the United States. Equipment rentals include long and short term projects, delivery and pick up, 24 emergency car, new and used equipment and safety training programs.
Hertz Corporation: Car Rentals
You can’t go to an airport without seeing a Hertz car rental service. They are literally everywhere. Hertz has you covered no matter where you are. Furthermore, they offer the latest models of all sorts of vehicles. From small coupes, to drop top convertibles, to family SUV’s to luxury vehicles and even Hummers. Hertz has it.

Apart from the basic car rentals at airports and in various locations across the world, Hertz also rents out truck and van rentals. This is directed towards those who are moving and do not want to hire an expensive moving company. In a sense, Hertz truck rentals acts like a U-haul, where you haul away your furniture. You are paying a low fixed rate for the use of the truck and that’s it. No hourly moving rates, no mover’s costs, just a low rental price.

Hertz Corporation: Car Sales
Many people wonder what Hertz does with all their older rental cars. It seems like Hertz always has the newest editions for rent- so what about the older models? The answer is simple: they sell them to you.

Hertz Car Sales is one of the cheapest ways to buy a used car. This is because Hertz is able to get the car for cheaper through the dealership than then pass the savings onto you. They need to make room for their latest models and thus, these cars must go.

The cars are all in extremely good condition and services regularly by Hertz mechanics. They are usually only a year old. Hertz knows the car history of the vehicle and thus, you are able to know the truth behind your next car, something that can be touch and go with private sales or used car dealership deals. When you buy a new used car for Hertz Car Sales, you know exactly what you are getting- a well-maintained car for a fraction of the regular price.

Hertz Corporation: Claims Management
Another addition to the Hertz family is their claim management center. It has been operating for 25 years and focuses on innovative claims solutions for your car. They have experts in fields such as fraud detection, accident managements, claim mitigation and subrogation.

When it comes to the Hertz Corporation and your vehicle, you are always in good hands.