The Watkins Motor Line Family: Trucking, Tracking and Company Profile

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Watkins Freight and Trucking is part of the Watkins Family of Trucking. Apart from Watkins Motor Line, Watkins also includes Sunco Carriers, Highway Transport Petroleum, Highway Transport Chemical, Highway Transport Logistics, Landspan Logistics and Landspan Long haul. Each one of these trucking companies specializes in a different type of freight. For example, Highway Transport is responsible for logistics, chemical and petroleum shipping, Landspan is responsible for dry goods and Sunco Carriers is used mainly for refrigeration and climate controlled shipments.

History of Watkins: From Motor Line to Truckload Services
Watkins is a family owned business with roots buried deep in Florida in the 1930’s. Bill Watkins made his first haul with a Dodge pickup to Jacksonville Florida. He named his small company Watkins Produce Company and the business grew to 12 trucks hauling all types of produce and food. In 1937 he established Watkins Motor Lines for his refrigeration trucking needs.

From there, business takeovers became natural for BW. In 1963 he took over Highway Transport, Inc, a bulk chemical and petroleum company out of Tennessee. In 1981 BW created Landspan, a spinoff of Watkins Motor Lines that would deal with refrigeration freight. In 1997, BW purchases Sunco Carriers and transformed Sunco into the refrigeration aspect of his freight conglomerate. Landspan become a dry truckload carrier. Then, in 2004, Watkins Regional Express opened which focuses on LTL overnight delivery in Texas, Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Georgia. In 2006, the FedEx corporation bought the assets of Watkins Motor Lines; however, the other transportation methods continue to operate and are one of the premium freight carriers in the northeast, Midwest and southeast.

Watkins Freight: The Family Company
Throughout the years, the Watkins Company has remained a family run business. In 1984, Bill Watkins passed on the company to his two sons, Buz and John. Then, in 2003, Buz’s son Chip became president of Watkins Motor Lines while John’s son, Clay became an Execute Vice President of Operations. John and Buz continue to serve on the board for the Watkins Company.

Watkins Freight Tracking Technology
Watkins, like many of its competitors, offers a tracking service where you are able to track your shipments across the state or country. This is extremely convenient for customers, distributors and manufacturers as they know where their delivery is at all times. Watkins can provide discounts and bulk billings to companies and are always keen for more partnerships with various companies across the nation. They are reliable, fast and efficient which is why they are one of the best in the business.

Furthermore, Watkins offers an incredible employment package plan for their drivers, starting at /hour. The employment incentive package includes a 401k plan, medical and health benefits and 15 holiday/personal days per year. There are family plans and several different bonuses, and employment opportunities in 48 different states. Watkins Freight is more than just a trucking company; it is a family.