Think Trucking, Think Yellow: A History and Overview of Yellow Freight’s Whirlwind Ride to the Top of System Tracking and Freight Line

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Yellow Freight is revolutionizing the way in which we ship our goods. This is because Yellow Freight has come up with My Yellow, an interactive service where you are in control of your own freight services and shipping needs. Tracking, invoicing, billing, shipping and delivering have never been easier.

Brand Yellow: Trucking and So Much More
Yellow Freight is part of the Yellow Company which started in 1924 with Yellow Cab and Transit Company. Founded by AJ Harrell in Oklahoma City, the company specialized in bus and taxi services. In 1926 the company added intrastate shipping and changed its name to Yellow Transit Company. In 1944 the company went through another name change to Yellow Transit Freight Lines, Inc. In 1965 the company acquired Watson-Wilson Transportation System, thus making the company transcontinental. They were then fully capable of shipping goods from the Midwest to the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. In 1968 the company changed again to Yellow Freight Services, Inc, to incorporate this merger. During the 70’s the Yellow Company continued to buy, first Adley Corporation and then the Republic Freight System, Inc. With these acquirements, Yellow was able to cover the 48 contiguous states.

Yellow Freight System: From 1980’s to Today
During the 1980’s the Yellow Corporation continued to expand, opening more and more service stores every year and acquiring more trucking companies and rights. These included RBS Enterprises which allowed Yellow to operate to Ontario and Quebec, Canada, and Custom Courier Services, Ltd, which allowed services to expand into British Columbia, Canada. Yellow renamed the company Yellow Freight System of British Columbia. There were 599 service centers across the nation in 1986. In the 1990’s Yellow took over Europe, introducing LCL in 1992. In 1995 they entered the Asian market with services to and from Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. The new millennium brought a whole new group of members of the board and a new standard of service: almost all deliveries would now be delivered in 3 days or less. In 2002, Yellow Freight System Inc, changed its name once again to Yellow Transportation. They acquired Roadway in 2003 and changed its name to Yellow Roadway Corporation and the acquired USF and changed its name to YRC Regional Transportation. In 2006 Yellow Roadway Corporation changed its name to YRC Worldwide Inc to reflect its global capabilities, which include supply chain, distribution and transportation management. Yellow now operates in over 70 countries worldwide and has offices in North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

Yellow Freight On-Line
One of the most advanced systems in shipping, Yellow Freight can help any customer with tracking, the bill of lading, expedited services, rate quotes and invoicing strictly on the web. The site is basic and easy to use but also provides company information, carrier tracking and login information for all clients and company users. The name may have changed over a dozen times, but the quality and standard of service remains the same.