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As the strongest democracy in the world we always believe that it is our duty to provide all kinds of help and support to the people who can not afford the legal costs. If we fail to provide the legal aid to the people who are under the poverty level then we are depriving them from their rights. They will be unable to hire proper solicitors in case a wealthy person or the state took them in the court of law. In case we fail to provide them the proper legal representation, we will violate our principles of equality.

The Federal Legal Aid Model
The sovereign Constitution of The United States Of America guarantees every citizen the equal justice under the Law. But in the present scenario the legal system has become quite expensive. It is not always possible for a man whose family income is below the poverty level to hire a lawyer and seek for the legal advice. Unless every individual of US gets the equal access to the legal system, the right to equality can not be practiced

From the beginning of our freedom we are providing legal aid to all of our countrymen who needs it but can not afford. There were programs where we hired volunteer lawyers for the support. The local Bar Associations helped us a lot in the times of our requirement. The legal aid society was formed where we got support from the local lawyers and the Bar associations but still we hired few lawyers for their undisrupted support.

In the middle of the 1960 the federal government decided to provide some economic opportunities to the legal aid model. The Legal services organizations were supported by them and the funds used to get distributed state wise.

Aid Legal Florida
In the year 1975 the state of Florida started providing Legal Aid to the people who can not afford. The government of Florida started a nonprofit organization for the state level support. Now the organization is known as the Florida Legal Services Inc.

Funding Of The Legal Aid
The legal aid programs are nonprofit organizations which are spread all over the country. The funding model structure has improved and is canalized to different streams. Now the funds are sanctioned from different levels like the State, Local and Federal government. The organizations have been expanded and the number of staff, lawyers and assets has been increased.
Every Legal Service organization has a board of directors who manages the operations and they have full time paid staff to take care of their operations.

The cases that are handled are-

  • Divorce
  • Civil Cases
  • Consumer cases
  • Domestic Violence cases
  • Educational cases
  • Employment discretionary cases
  • Health and welfare cases
  • Public Benefits cases
  • Social security cases and many more.

Application Procedure
The Legal Aid is provided to the people who are significantly below the poverty level and can not afford to hire a lower for their case. There are different criteria which you need to satisfy to be eligible for the program. Most of the support which is provided is free of cost.