Application to the Louisiana Medicaid program provider office

Application Louisiana medicaid ProgramThe Louisiana Medicaid Program
The state of Louisiana offers Medicaid programs to its residents who are needy mainly due to low incomes. There is automatic eligibility for persons who collect Supplemental Security Income offered by the Social Security Administration. The coverage is also extended to people who get FITAP cash from the OFS. Persons who do not receive either of the above financial assistance packages are also eligible for coverage if they are above the age of 65, if they are blind with vision no more than 20/20, or if they are families with children and fulfill the respective stipulations.

Application for the Louisiana Medicaid coverage
Families or individuals who do not receive either FITAP or SSI should begin by filling out application forms. The process of application may be begun via an interview through face-to-face or telephone mode but this is not a mandatory obligation. The application can be done through mail by a representative who is duly authorized or it can also be personally done. This can be done at the local Medicaid offices or Application centers. Sometimes the applicant will be required to show evidence of disability or incapacity whenever applicable. One may also be asked to show evidence of bank accounts, property, and insurance policies. The processing rate for the applications is pegged on the type of desired medical coverage, the information provided, and how quickly the Medicaid staff receives this information.

The federal regulations stipulate that the application period for disabled persons be done in 90 days while for non-disabled persons this period is 45 days. Medical coverage is typically reviewed every 3, 6, or 12 months. Continued eligibility gets reviewed annually; issues of any fraud are looked into.

Various issues regarding Louisiana Medicaid service providers
On successfully enrolling for the Medicaid coverage, a letter is dispatched to a provider and it bears the date of enrollment and the Medicaid provider number. This letter is mailed strictly to a Pay-To address. There are services for which the provider is granted more than three weeks to process and such include hospitals, pharmacies, doctor services, KIDMED screening clinic, hemodialysis, EPSDT health services, Federally Qualified Health Centres, and Rural Health Care.

Claims can only be processed when the selected Louisiana Medicaid provider number is promulgated. These numbers are usually closed for a host of reasons and these can include providers who have been inactive for 18 months and returned mail. In the event that this number is closed due to inactivity, the only way it can be reactivated is by the completion of another enrollment packet. For this procedure a copies of any IRS documents that bear the name of the business or the individual alongside the taxpayer Identification Number are applicable.

Contacting the Louisiana Medicaid offices
The Medicaid program in the state of Louisiana is intended to be equally availed to all persons. The program does not entertain any discrimination based on race, color, sex, age, handicap, religion, nationality, or political belief. Persons who feel aggrieved in any of these ways can contact the Louisiana Medicaid offices.