Birdseye Maple: Bedroom and Antique Furniture with this Exquisite Lumber

Lumber Birdseye maple Furniture Birdseye Maple for your Furniture Needs
Birdseye maple is a rare type of maple in which the pattern looks similar to a tiny, swirling eye. Most Birdseye maple comes from sugar maple found around the Great Lakes in Canada and the United States.

The reasons behind the creation of these Birdseye swirls are unknown. However, experts have suggested that it might have something to do with the soil, the climate or birds pecking the wood during its growth. Others suggest that is has something to do with the level of pH in the soil and the growth rate of the trees.

In any case, Birdseye maple is considered a luxury in the timber world. It is easy to use and can be turned into many different items. Furthermore, it does not scratch easily and leaves a beautiful finish or veneer on furniture.

Birdseye Maple for your Furniture Needs
Woodworkers craft several different items out of Birdseye maple. However, it tends to look best when you choose to use Birdseye maple throughout the room. Dress up your kitchen with Birdseye cabinets or add some spice to the bedroom with a bed and matching dresser made from this beautiful rose coloured wood.

Birdseye Maple Varieties in Lumber
The Birdseye design has also been seen in other types of wood. This includes red maple, Cuban mahogany, American beech, black walnut, yellow birch and white ash trees.

It can hard to tell if something is made from Birdseye maple as it can come in a variety of different colours. However, experts suggest that most Birdseye maple tend to develop into a rose coloured wood. Typically, the maple is creamy coloured or even snow white on the inside. Every single piece of Birdseye maple is different, which is another reason why this wood is in such high demand.

Birdseye Maple in Modern Bedrooms to Antique Finds
Birdseye maple has been around for a long time and thus you are able to find many valuable antiques made out of Birdseye maple. Because the wood is easy to use, woodworkers used Birdseye maple to carve decorative items including canes, handles, chairs and tables. The exquisite designs do not come cheap. In fact, items that use Birdseye maple are generally more expensive because of the hard work and detail that the designer puts into the furniture.

In some cases, Birdseye maple can be seen as a status symbol. For example, the dashboard on a Rolls Royce is made out of Birdseye maple.

Even today many woodworkers still prefer to use Birdseye maple for bedroom furniture, tables, chairs, pool cues, jewellery, handles and even hardwood floors in some instances.

If you’re considering re-doing your floors, purchasing new furniture or are looking for some fresh wood pieces to really brighten up the room, then items made from Birdseye maple might be the perfect choice. This classy timber will bring a touch of elegance to every room in your house.