Divorce and marriage statistics for young interracial and same race couples

Interracial Marriage statistics DivorceAn outlook for divorce and marriage statistics
A 1970s statistics exercise carried out on the topic of marriage and divorces in the US was disproved on the grounds that a erratic conclusion was made. The conclusion was to the effect that half the first marriages resulted in divorce. This error was as a result of an erroneous analysis of the data that was done as pertains to the rates of divorce per 1000 couples that got hitched in the US. Another similar error also reported that second marriages had a divorce rate of 60%. Though these errors were highlighted it remains a fact that the initial sentiments that people concluded about marriages were not so promising.

What has come clear is that divorce rates for first marriages peaked at an all time high in the 80s and this was at 40%. People then made an informed assumption that marriages had a 70% chance of being successful. The twin factors that have been linked strongly to divorce are the income levels and the age at marriage.

Statistics for interracial marriages
The widespread mentality that people have is to the effect that it is quite difficult to sustain an interracial marriage and more often than not these types of marriages will end up in divorce. The statistics beg to differ. They show that there are higher divorce rates in the same race marriages compared to interracial arrangements. This point may be valid but some people will counter saying that the rate for same race divorces is higher because they are numerically more.

Interracial marriages are thought to be difficult when there are fundamental differences in the aspects of mentality, religious beliefs for instance a Muslim getting wed to a Christian, educational backgrounds, and economic backgrounds. Sometimes these sentiments are repeated in some same-race marriages so they do not have to be a hindrance. Then again, why can’t interracial marriages work if the spouses have lots of things common to them? They may be high school sweethearts or job colleagues.

Statistics for same race marriages
The current marriage statistics in the US reveal that the divorce rates amongst couples of the same race are the highest. As has been said before, many will argue that this is so since these marriages form the majority of unions, greatly more than interracial marriages do.
Marriage statistics for young people
Comparisons have been made into the divorce rates for young people as well as those for older people. The results have been surprising and they were not expected. They revealed that divorces were highest amongst couples that had lived together for about ten years and in this time had raised children and acquired properties.

The obvious estimation would have been that young couples who were noted to ‘rush into marriage’ were the highest divorce cases due to the fact that inadequate time was spent getting to learn about each other initially.

The reasons that have been given for increased ending of marriages in older people include financial independence, increased life expectancy, external factors, and several more others.