Exploring The Federal Prison State Inmate Locator and other Free Services

Federal Inmate locator FreeInmate Locator: Freedom for the Not So Free
The Federal Bureau of Prison, for the FBOP, provides a free inmate service locater for those Federal prisoners incarcerated from 1982 to present day. This service is sponsored by the US Department of Justice and was formed as a way for family, friends and employers to keep track of those offenders.

One of the best things about this service is that it acts as a way to connect inmates with their friends and family on the outside. If you are unsure of where the prisoner is being held, then you can search by name, race, sex and age. You can also use their registration number if you know it. If you know that your friend is serving a sentence somewhere in a California prison, you can easily find out which out with a California state free inmate search.

Sometimes prisoners are moved. This may be the result of a conflict within the prison, or for maintaining good behavior or for getting into even more trouble. When this occurs, it is often hard to inform everyone you know that you will be moving. An inmate locater will keep track of these moves so your family and friends can find you, even if you are unable to reach them.

The Federal Bureau of Prison
The inmate locator is only one of the many sectors of the BOP service. Established in 1930 as a way to protect and care for Federal prisoners, the BOP is now responsible for over 200,000 convicted inmates across the country. There are 114 institutions, 6 regional offices, 28 community correctional centers and 2 staff training offices under the BOP name.

The Bureau has over 35,000 employees who protect and care for the progression and humanization of these inmates. The inmate locator is just one of the programs directed towards making life a little easier for those in the Federal prison system.

Additional Prison Services (apart from the Inmate Locator)
Inside the prison walls there are also services available to help the inmates. These range from educational programs, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, religious programs and a life connections program. This programs and services are destined to help the prisoners make something out of their life, both inside and outside the prison walls.

State Wide Prison Locator
There are several different types of prisons and correctional facilities located across the United States. These are divided into minimum security prisons, also called Federal Prison Camps, Federal Correctional Institutions and United States Penitentiaries.

FCI’s consist of low security and medium Federal Correctional Institutions while the high security facilities are called United States Penitentiaries.

To learn more about the inmate locator and other services provide by the Bureau of Prisons, check out the BOP website. The inmate locator is free to the public and is the best way to access inmate information on the web.