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Forbes is a famous media and publishing company. Forbes magazine is the flagship publication of this company. Published bi-weekly, Forbes has strong competitors such as Business Week and Fortune in the market. Forbes magazine is famous all over the world for the various lists it publishes. Its popular lists include that of the richest Americans and that of the billionaires. The Capitalist Tool is the motto that Forbes magazine follows.

Early days
Way back in 1917 the Forbes magazine was founded by B.C. Forbes. Till his death in 1954 he remained its Editor-in-Chief. Later, Bruce Charles and Malcolm Stevenson Forbes, the sons of B.C. Forbes, helped him in the publication of the magazine. Malcolm Stevenson Forbes Jr. held the posts of President and Chief Executive of Forbes as well as the post of Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine after the death of Malcolm Stevenson Forbes. James Michaels was the editor of the magazine subsequently. Forbes became the finalist of the National Magazine Award in 1993.

Other titles
ForbesLife is the lifestyle supplement of Forbes. It has eight editions in the local languages. Forbes Asia is another title from the same group. Fox TV show features a weekly supplement called Forbes on Fox. In this program the writers of the magazine offer investment advice to the viewers. Forbes on radio is a similar program that is regularly broadcast. Forbes Investment Advisory Group, Forbes Conference Group and Forbes Custom Media are the other companies belonging to this group.

Though Forbes used to publish the magazines Invention & Technology and American Heritage before May 2007, it later suspended the publication of these magazines, since any buyer was not available.

Forbes website
In 1996 Forbes website started its journey. David Churbuck was its founder. In line with the magazine’s tradition, the website also brings out lists that focus on billionaires and their possessions. It also features lists of expensive homes. This feature is also a key to the popularity of the website. claims to be one of the most trusted resources that cater to the need of veteran business executives. It offers a host of services for them. These include reports, analysis, and commentary as well as the tools required for their success, be it at work or profit making. has a luxury vehicles website, ForbesAutos, and a luxury travel site, Forbes Traveler, under its fold.