Ford Leasing Program: cars and trucks in UK

Uk Ford leasing CarFord Credit offers you a variety of lease terms designed in a special manner. It offers you a wide variety of term lengths, apart from great program benefits and options to fit your driving needs.
We must recognize that Vehicle wear and use is inevitable. But, you should not be worrying about it. How? By getting yourself covered. If doors dent, juice stains, carts ding, rocks chip WearCare® will be present to help make your lease experience a worry-free experience. This program offers you up to ,500 protection against costly lease-end excess wear and also the use charges that are not covered by your insurance company

You may consider your next vehicle even as the end of your lease approaches. In this case, three choices are available. Ford Credit expects the vehicles to be returned in a good condition. This allows normal wear and use during the term of the agreement.
At the end of your Red Carpet Lease, you have three choices available. The choice you make is up to you.

1. You can buy your current lease vehicle
If you decide to purchase your lease vehicle, you may please review the Purchase Option price in your Lease Agreement and then return to your originating dealer. The dealers can provide a final purchase price with taxes and facilitate lease-end requirements, for example your signing of a federally required Odometer Statement and thus complete your purchase transaction.

2. Buy or lease a new vehicle
You may start the program by visiting your originating dealer and then selecting your next vehicle. When you are there, take the opportunity to look into the many finance programs and payment options that are available to you. If you will be returning your current lease vehicle, refer to the point below.

3. You can return your current lease vehicle to your originating dealers
If you choose to return your lease vehicle, there are a couple of things you will want to do before actually returning the vehicle in order to help ensure a smooth process:

a. Know the return process. It will help you identify whether your vehicle has any Excess Wear and Use or Excess Mileage. An advantage of identifying Excess Wear and Use before actually returning your vehicle is that it allows you time to process the claims in case damage is covered under your insurance policy.

b. Take the opportunity to discuss:

Any Excess Wear and Use you may have and
Your actual replacement vehicle needs.

c. If you had purchased WearCare® while leasing your vehicle, many Excess Wear and Use charges may have been already covered. You need to refer to your WearCare® Addendum to check for details.

d. If you make repairs to your vehicle, please remember to keep any receipts, in case they are needed for verification of repairs made.

To fulfill your lease obligations, you have to be present during vehicle return to:
Review and also sign the Odometer Statement (which is required by federal law) and you also need to pay any Excess Mileage and Excess Wear and Use charges.
Make sure to discuss the choices with your dealer. They can always help you decide which choice will be the right one for you.
It may be noted that Ford Credit Canada Limited has been providing quality automotive financing services to the Canadians since 1962.
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