Ford Maverick: Part, Sale, Grabber

Sale Ford maverick Part

Ford Maverick is a car with more than a few redeeming features. The target market for the Maverick soon becomes apparent when you climb inside, despite the fact that its platform is shared by Mazda. The plastic slab of dashboard betrays the Fords US-bias more than anything else. Moreover, the column-mounted automatic gearbox on the 3.0-litre car being probably the least happy aspect of the vehicle, hunting between gears and with detents on the shift that make it rather difficult to just drop straight into drive. Also, it’s only possible to lock the Maverick into first, second and fourth gear, because third would be the ideal gear to take advantage of the Mavericks surprisingly agility.

Interiors: The interior, though well equipped, probably won’t impress those having an eye for aesthetics. On the one hand, everything works and seems well placed and well thought through. Yet it feels drab, cheap and uninspiring. Interior space and luggage space is well up to the mark. Ford Maverick is longer than many rivals, which is apparent the moment you throw the tailgate open. The rear seat resembles a shapeless bench, though the space available is excellent.

Both models get ABS with electronic brake force distribution that works well. Add to it the air conditioning and an electric sunroof. The V6 also features the cruise control as well as leather seats and an astonishingly ugly six-disc in dash CD player. It’s also the only vehicle in its class to have features such as side airbags and second-generation dual front air bags as standard. The exterior styling works well, though in a modest way.

Perhaps Ford was aiming at a “tough functional appearance “. Here they have hit the spot while taking a huge dip into the bin of generic 4×4 styling cues. So, unless you know what you are looking for, the Ford Maverick perhaps won’t catch your eye. This is because of its looks of a morphed together rendering of a Freelander and a Honda CR-V. However, in offending nobody and excelling in a number of areas, the Maverick that badged the Escape across the pond, notched up 75,000 orders in its first three months on sale. Hopefully, few of these new owners will be disappointed with their purchase.

Whilst the Maverick cannot claim to be perfect, it is the sheer honesty of the model that generates a trust towards it. The Maverick, especially the V6, gives the Ford a level of on-road utility that few rivals could ever dream of.