Free and Fake Certificate of Marriage in Ontario

Ontario Certificate marriage FreeFree Certificate of Marriage
America is not the only country that relies heavily and solemnly on documentation. All over the world, it is imperative that couples get formal marriage certificates when they want to wed. Generally, these certificates are not free, but cost a small fee. For example, in some American states, the fee is relatively minor- forty or fifty dollars. That is a small fee for couples wanting to show the world that they are committing as a married couple.

Ontario Certificate of Marriage
Aside from cost, there are other rules that couples must follow when applying for a marriage certificate. They must giver proper identification, prove that they are not already married to someone else, answer questions about their status as relatives (close relatives can not marry) and in some states, a blood test is even required. Different laws usually apply to different areas, both across the United States and over the rest of the world. In Ontario, Canada the bride and groom must have witnesses that can understand English and, of course, they also need a marriage certificate. Many marriages take place at the registrar’s office in front of a few guests.

Fake Certificate of Marriage
Unfortunately, some couples have faked their certificate of marriage in order to get married when it would otherwise be illegal. They did not follow the rules, and their marriages are not valid. Perhaps the most common reason for faking a marriage certificate is if one spouse is still married to another person. It is impossible to fake a marriage certificate easily in the United States, as both parties must appear before a registrar to apply. Unless both parties are in on the ruse, it is a daunting task. Sometimes though, couples will use a fake marriage certificate as a joke or to tease their friends on an occasion like April Fool’s Day.

California Certificate of Marriage
In California, there are different types of marriage certificates. There exists a confidential marriage certificate, as well as the typical one that is of public record. This was probably done to protect the privacy of celebrities, many of whom live and wed in California.

In this modern age, couples can get married just about anywhere, even on the internet! At least, they can easily draw up the paperwork online to make the marriage certification process easier. You can also go online and view a virtual sample of a marriage certificate. If you decide to get married on the fly, and do not want to bother with all of the paperwork upfront, Las Vegas is probably the place for you! You still have to have a valid marriage certificate, but it is easy to obtain. You do not have to reside in Nevada to get one, it is cheap, and there are no waiting periods. Just make sure to bring valid identification! So maybe you are drawing a blank now just from reading all of these quick facts about certificates of marriage. You are encouraged to research the specific laws in your own area before applying for a certificate, and once you are married, always keep a copy of your certificate in a safe place- remember, documentation is important!