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Divorces are of two types; the no-fault and fault types. In previous years, fault divorces were the order of the day. This form of divorce sought to place blame on one of the spouses and then grant divorce to the other spouse on this basis. As time went by, couples who wanted to had a mutual consent to separate were increasingly unsatisfied by the fact that to do so one partner had to sacrifice and accept ‘blame’ for no apparent reason. The no-fault type of divorce was then made available.

In some instances the grounds of a divorce may be contested or otherwise. In the event that there is a contest the intervention of mediators may be required. When there is no contest both spouses will agree to the divorce and the terms of property division and child custody.

A disagreement on the terms of the divorce may require the spouses to each hire a lawyer for purposes of representation in settlement proceedings. These types of divorces are more protracted as compared to divorces that had no contest. Some disagreements may entail matters of property. In community property states like California, Florida and Texas the marital property is equally shared out to the spouses.

An insight into legal separation forms
Legal separation is the period that precedes the event when the court grants divorce decrees. During such times the spouses are most probably living separately. It is possible that a couple can request for a legal separation because they are not in favor of ending their union through divorce. There are various reasons for these; some are moral and religious while others are financially oriented for example the need to protect assets. The process of getting a legal separation is quite prolonged and expensive. It is also very time-consuming trying to find the right lawyer, getting the legal separation forms filled, appointments etc.

Legal separation forms for this purpose can be bought from local books stores or alternatively they can be downloaded from the Internet. Since these forms are quite expensive it is well advised that you seek clarification as to how genuine what you are being offered is.

Issues about free papers for legal separation
Free papers for legal separation are those documents that are used by couples that find the need to come to a settlement of their legal matters without necessarily having to terminate their marriage. There are various reasons why these documents are used. Sometimes it is due to religious sentiments and in other cases it is financial for instance when a spouse needs to continue being covered by the other partner’s benefit plan.

Using free papers
There are various types of free paper that can be downloaded from the Internet. These include separation agreements, termination of separation agreement, support and custody agreement, and termination of separation (monthly payment to wife). These forms are available in RTF format and they are quite easy to comprehend. Fill in the blanks as applicable.