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Gazette journal is the name of the leading morning newspaper in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The history of this newspaper goes back to 1863 when the Fort Wayne gazette was founded. The gazette merged with the journal in the year 1899 which added an extra star on its badges. This journal is always owned privately and the recent owner is in control since 1930. Richard Inskeep bought the newspaper but he joined as the publisher in 1949. Before Richard, it was William Kunkle, who was the publisher of the gazette journal. It is published 7 days a week and there are several outlying bureaus. These bureaus work for the circulation and advertising in 15 countries around the world. In 1973 the gazette journal aligned with the Democratic Party and before that it was an independent company. In 19th century the gazette journal used horse drawn vehicles to scatter them to long distance areas. Then in the time of World War 1 motorized vehicles came and became more popular for delivery.

Reno gazette journal
Reno is the main newspaper which in a daily edition. It was founded when the Nevada State Journal and Nevada evening gazette were combined together. The format of this paper is broadcasting. In 1870, it was founded by the Gannet Company with the publisher Ted Power and the Editor was Beryl Love. Reno deals with the news of government, crime, business, education, sports, etc. It also has classifieds regarding real estate, institutes and many more.

Fort Wayne
The gazette journal entered into first joint operating agreements for fulfilling the requirements of the complete daily newspapers in the United States in 1950. The editorial staffs of the journal gazette and the news sentinel were independent groups. But advertising, circulation and printing were done jointly. 45% of the Fort Wayne newspaper is owned by the gazette journal. In 2003 both the companies decided to extend the same agreement till 2050, which also includes that the news sentinel will pay million till increase their control to 75%, which was earlier 55%. The newspaper has extended to the west of their current address with new color top 7000CDH 4-by-2 press in 2007 for replacing the Eight Goss mark 1 letter press units and four MAN Roland flexographic units. The current building was erected in the year of 1958. This newspaper has Friday and Saturday paper with Sunday only which increased the weekly circulation. The Sunday circulation is highly lucrative of 126,988. This is the leading newspaper of the United States.

Gloucester is the name of a roman town. Gloucester-Mathews has the paper which has news on obituaries, opinions, schools, sports, food, etc. it is circulated in east central Illinois with breaking news, business news multimedia and classifieds about jobs, real estate, cars and more.

Times-courier is the essential part of the gazette journal. Times courier is available online. You can watch advertisements, archives and other news on the internet sitting in front of your computer.