How to Apply for CHIP Medicaid Insurance: Health and Hospital Program for Children

Health Medicaid insurance ChipCHIP Qualification for Medicaid Insurance
CHIP or Children’s Health Insurance Program, is a federal and state government sponsored program that ensures that children have the proper health insurance they need. CHIP is also called SCHIP in many states. It is essentially the same thing. States that use the CHIP program, as opposed to the SCHIP program include Texas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wyoming.

Similar to the Medicaid program, CHIP is different for every state but the foundation is the same. It is designed to help children and families of children with medical related bills.

The CHIP program has been created as the happy medium. It is for those families and children that are from a family whose income is too high to qualify for Medicaid help, but not high enough to cover the basic costs. It is for those who do not have another type of Medicare through their careers but are in a low enough income bracket for Medicaid.

To qualify for CHIP Medicare you need to be a resident of the state you are applying in. For example, someone applying for the Florida CHIP program, you must be living in Florida. The child must be under the age of 18 and also a legal permanent resident or US citizen. Even if the parent’s immigration status is not legal, the child still may be able to gain health insurance, if theirs is.

Medicaid Insurance: Applying for Children’s Health Insurance
You can apply to register your child with CHIP if they are currently uninsured by any other medical party. You do not have to be the parent of the child; you just have to be an adult who provides care for him or her. This can include step parents, grandparents, adult brothers and sisters and legal guardians.

Applying for the CHIP program is extremely easy. You just need to visit your state CHIP or SCHIP website, download an online application, fill it out using the easy navigation system, print it out, sign it, collect the additional information you need, and then mail or fax it to the participating office. Make sure you include the supporting documents including residency proof, financial statements, and identification.

Program Coverage for Medicaid Insurance
CHIP varies from state to state, but in most cases, CHIP covers hospital bills, medical checks, dental visits, optometry visits, chest x-rays and other health related exams. Your child will be able to see a doctor when he is sick and receive proper medical attention whenever he needs to. There is no waiting list or income limit to CHIP. Your child will receive the medical attention and care that all children equally deserve.

Medicaid Insurance when You Need to go to the Hospital
So if you have been denied health insurance by another health care provider such as Medicaid, there are options.

That option is CHIP. They are working towards making sure that all children in America receive the proper coverage for health related issues.