How to Renew Expired Passport in Canada, UK, USA and Philippines

Canadian Renew passport Expired

Passport is a valid document of citizenship in a country. The passport is issued or renewed by the passport offices of various countries. The application for a new passport is generally done by filling up an application form and submitting it along with the requisite documents. Passport is issued for a definite period of time after which it is considered to have expired and there is a need to renew it. The renewal is a must for the people who frequently travel abroad for business or tour. The rules for renewal are different for different countries and one need to check through all the rules governing the renewal for a country.
Let us look at the renewing procedures followed in various countries:

The process for renewing British passport can be had from the website of the British embassy.  The embassies and the consulates can help in the renewal of the passport. You can be called by the embassy or the consulate for an interview. At times the interviewing officer needs to know some information that is not clearly explained in the application. It takes around 4 weeks for the renewal. The Passports Services have branches at various countries across the globe.

The renewal of the Philippines passport is handled by the Department of Foreign Affairs. You need your present passport along with the photocopy of the back cover and the inside. You also need to provide three colored photos of good quality. The application form should be filled according to the instructions provided; incomplete applications are rejected by the Department of Foreign Affairs.  You can even apply online for the same on the website

In order to renew your US passport you need to fill up the Form DS-82 and follow the instructions properly and mail it. The passports renewed by mail can be delivered to addresses in the US and Canada only. Any American citizen can renew their US passport from abroad by applying through the US embassy or the consulate.

The Canadian citizens can get the passports renewed by applying for the same without resubmitting documents pertaining to citizenship in Canada.  The Canadians who have a valid passport for the past 5 years can submit an application for the renewal. The name should remain unchanged and the passport should have been issued in Canada itself.  A recent passport is also to be submitted at the time of the renewal of passport.

The process of renewal being different for different country entails a careful study of all the documents and testimonials required during a renewal. The renewal takes place only after the expiry of the current passport i.e. when the period for which the passport was issued expires. Though different countries have different rules governing the renewal of passports but still there are some standard procedures that are followed in all the countries for e.g. one must possess a valid current passport for the renewal.  The renewal of passports is a pretty easy thing and one hardly faces any problems with it. It is imperative that one is aware of all the rules and regulations.