How to take your Florida and California State board exam and pass your boards to obtain your Nursing License

Florida Nursing license BoardOnce you have completed a nursing education program to obtain a nursing degree, you may be eligible to sit for your board exam
Before you can legally become employed in a health care facility, you are required to have completed and successfully passed your nursing board exam. Every state in the United States, as well as its territories is required to pass a nursing board exam. The nursing board exams are required for candidates in order to measure their competency is at a skilled enough level to thoroughly carry out their jobs in the work force. There is a board exam called the National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX. There are two different types of NCLEX exams. The first type of NCLEX exam is for registered nurses, while the second type of NCLEX exam is for practical nurses.

A nursing candidate is required to pass a board exam regardless of what state the individual resides in
Once the individual has completed and successfully passed the NCLEX exam, they are licensed to work as a nurse in the state that the individual completed the board exam. If an individual completed their NCLEX in Florida, but they plan to move to California or Texas, they will not be licensed in either of those states. If a student completed their education in Pennsylvania at PA State University, but plans to move to another state to work, the individual will not be a licensed nurse in the state that they move to.

If a licensed nurse plans to move to another state, the individual must go through a state license transfer
A transfer of the nursing license will provide the individual with verification of eligibility to work as a licensed nurse in the state that they plan to move to. Regardless of what state the individual resides in as a licensed nurse, the individual is required to keep their state nursing license renewed. This means that each state nursing license has an issue date and an expiration date. Once the expiration date occurs, the license is no longer valid and the individual is not eligible to work as a nurse until the individual completes the nursing license renewal process. A renewal process is necessary in order to make sure that individuals are still able to perform their jobs at a skilled level.

The National Council Licensure Exam is a challenging exam
The exam is constructed to be challenging so that only individuals who are competent and highly skilled will pass the NCLEX exam. The NCLEX exam is not created to make individuals unable to pass the exam, but to allow individuals who are highly skilled and trained to pass. Future nurses should be well educated to care for patients. The NCLEX exam is an exam that students should begin studying for the moment they begin nursing education because the exam is one that should be taken highly serious by nurse candidates. Only individuals who are dedicated to the profession of nursing will be successful.