Illinois Medicaid Program: State Provider Services and Eligibility

Provider Illinois medicaid ProgramThe Illinois Medicaid Program
Medicaid is the largest publicly financed program in the United States. Each state has a different Medicaid program and each state wide Medicaid service is responsible for setting its own limits of services and deciding how to pay providers. The Medicaid enterprise, which was established in 1965, is a voluntary program; however, as of 1982, every state chose to participate in the system. Now, 1 in 6 Americans under the age of 65 is insured through Medicaid.

In the state of Illinois, Medicaid is the primary medical care choice for lower-income families. In fact, 34 percent of Illinois children are enrolled in the Medicaid program. Medicaid is the preferred choice for medical care for those in lower income homes and under the age of 65.

Illinois Medicaid is a part of the Department of Health and Family Services, a state wide department. The costs are shared by both the federal and state governments and cater towards lower-income families and children. However, Medicaid also covers those disabled and the elderly as well as several others types of people.

In 2002 the Medicaid program had 51.6 million people enrolled which made it the nation’s largest public health care provider.
What is Covered under this Provider Service?
Under the Illinois Medicaid program you will be covered for hospital visits, child care, health screenings and exams, vision, ear and dental services, as well as many other types of health-related issues. For many families, Medicaid is the only way they can afford to visit the doctor or have regular dental check-ups.

Medicaid was created to help those in need of healthcare. This especially means children. Without the Medicaid program many families and young children would not be able to afford healthcare and would go without getting the proper checkups and treatments that every citizen deserves.

State Wide Medicaid Services in Illinois
There are state wide Medicaid offices in Illinois but the two main branches are located in Chicago and Washington DC. However, there are DHS offices in almost every county in Illinois. The best way to find the office nearest you is to visit the DHFS website and click on Office Locator.

Eligibility for Illinois Medicaid
Not everyone can qualify for Medicaid. There are certain factors that have to be taken into consideration as every individual is different. There are other factors beside finances, such as immigration and residency that the Department of Health and Family Services looks at when assessing your situation. However, if you are a lower income family, then you will most likely qualify for Medicaid services.

To determine whether or not you qualify for Medicaid check out the Department of Health and Family Services website or visit your nearest Department of Health office.

You can apply online or with a paper application, both available on the website. You can also call a toll free number to speak to a representative about your eligibility.