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The passport services were established in 1989 and are the leading visa and passport services provider. Irrespective of whether you are a corporate client or a private individual, their experienced team will provide you the first class service that will take all the hassle out of your visa or passport process. They are registered agents at British Passport office in London and have been there since 1990. There are also registered agents at Belgium, Italy, France, Netherlands and Spain

Tips to prevent passport problems
Carelessness is the number one reason for a passport application being rejected or delayed or for a passport being lost, stolen or damaged.  The reason why a passport is required is for a personal identification especially if you are traveling abroad then this becomes mandatory hence there are some tips which I would like to share with you when carrying a passport. First of all check to see if really need to carry that along with you or not. In case if you need to travel and do not hold a passport then remember to at least apply for the passport 90 days before your schedule departure.

When applying for a passport check the form even after you have filled as if you fill in the form incorrectly that could lead to a delay in receiving your passport. Follow the specification correctly for all required documents which mean if you need to carry your birth certificate then do not only carry the photocopy instead you should carry the original along with the photocopy so that you can show the original certificate to submit the photocopy of the certificate. Sign your passport and fill out the emergency information accurately and check it once again and at the end also make two photocopies of the passport and keep one at your home and the other carry it with you on your trip.

Which form do I fill?
Many people I have seen are hesitant about which form to fill. Do you know which form you need but you are not sure about how to fill it out? It is important you choose the right passport form application form and complete it correctly so that you can avoid unnecessary delays that might be caused due to such reasons. To fill up the form for US passport DS-11 form be sure to fill up the form using black ink. The application should be signed only after taking the oath. In the US there are many offices all over for passport services out of which the best known is the one at Seattle, Washington DC, York. You can directly visit these offices or check the official website for more information.

Where do I get my passport done from?
There are various places to get your passport done from which depends on the type of passport service you require and how fast you can receive the travel document in your hands. DS-11 is the form which needs to be filled up when applying for a passport which can be downloaded from the website or you can visit any of the nearest offices to get the form and then you can fill that up and submit it there itself.