Interracial Marriage: Intimacies, Identity, Adoption and Dating

Identity Interracial marriage Intimacies The Intimacies of Marriage: Interracial Marriage versus Arranged Marriages
We live in a multicultural country. That is one of the best things about the United States of America, and the world- it is filled with different ideas, different cultures, different beliefs and different people. While some people see this diversity as a good thing, others do not.

This can be a problem if you are someone in an interracial marriage.

In several cultures in the world, people do not get married for love. In fact, many people marry someone they have never met before. Arranged marriages are customary in several parts of the world and usually involve a man and a woman from the same background with the same skin color.

Arranged marriages are established so that the couple can pro-create and keep the traditions and culture of their people alive. In most cases, the courtship, the dating and the romance of marriage is nonexistent.

Love and Identity in Interracial Marriage
Interracial marriages, for the most part, are true marriages. They are based on a love, a respect and a commitment to one another. Furthermore, you may have to deal with comments and stares from the people around you. To stay together through thick and thin, and to ignore these people, no matter who they are, further proves how committed and in love you really are. This is the ultimate lesson in love and this is the foundation of marriage, no matter what color of skin you have.

Adoption, Interviews and other Interracial Marriage Problems
No matter what happens, you may still face some problems in your daily life. Many people are simply ignorant and having a husband or wife from another culture may affect certain situations. Although it is against the law to discriminate against someone’s skin, it still happens. In job interviews, in adoption processes and in other selection processes where the competition is stiff, the results may not rule in your favor.

Interracial Dating and Parenting
Some parents find dating an extremely hard concept to grasp. This is because they do not want their babies to grow up, and they especially don’t want to them date. For some parents, when their daughter brings home a boyfriend of a different color, this can seem like the worst thing on earth.

We all want what’s best for our children and many parents believe that what’s best is the same color of skin as their own family.

The reality is this: not everyone is open minded and there are some people out there that simply don’t understand interracial marriages. They think people should stick to their own color.

Unfortunately, if you are in an interracial marriage or in an interracial relationship, you may be forced to deal with these judgmental ideas. The key is to look above and beyond those stares and comments and live your life with the one you love.