Iowa Medicaid Enterprises: Team Members, Nursing and Home Care Services

Nursing Iowa medicaid EnterpriseThe Medicaid Enterprise Team
Iowa Medicaid Enterprise is a division of the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services that unites the best of the best in the Medicaid system.

The Medicaid Enterprises comprises of several different sectors who all work together to deliver the best medical aid services for the state of Iowa.

There are several different members of the Medicaid Enterprise team. The DHS policy staff is responsible for overall guidance about coverage and payment for nursing, dental and hospital care.

You’re at Home with Iowa Medicaid
Provider services work directly with health care professionals and offer support to those within the Medicaid system. Member services, on the other hand, are trained professionals to operate the call center to assistant Medicaid members with their Medicaid coverage plan.

Rate Setting works with the rates of the policies to ensure they are appropriate at the state wide level. Core Services process the payments and handle the reporting of the different coverage plans.

Medical Services and Pharmacy Medical Services are made up of medical professionals who provide opinions on coverage and benefits. Pharmacy professionals deal directly with the Preferred Drug List and Prior Authorization for prescription drug lists.

The surveillance and utilization review group perform routine inspections of claims to ensure that everyone is getting the appropriate coverage and filling out the proper claims paperwork. The revenues collections are in charge of the third party insurance estate recovery and debt owed to the Medicaid program.

Medicaid Nursing and Home Care Program
If you are in need of home care then there are certain options for those under the Medicaid system. Medicaid will work with your financial situation and accessibility to find the best nursing program for you. Whether this is a live in home carer or a nurse who visits once or twice a week, Medicaid can find you what you need.

For those in a lower income household, for those over 65, for those in a serious accident or for those suffering from disabilities, the Medicaid enterprise will ensure that you get the nursing help and care that you need, and deserve.

Who Can Participate in Iowa Medicaid Care?
There are five broad categories for people who are eligible for Medicaid care. This includes children, pregnant women, adults in families with dependent children, individual with disabilities, and the elderly. Usually these people come from lower income households.

However, in order to get Medicaid coverage, you will also need to meet income and asset requirements which include immigration and residency requirements. Most of Medicaid’s customers are low-wage working families; however, Medicaid is not only available to those in this category.

Some of the programs under the Medicaid enterprise system include eye examinations, nursing assistance, clinic services, dental assistance, durable medical equipment and hearing aids.

To see if you are eligible for Iowa Medicaid, check out the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services website.