Issues on the nationality and citizenship of a woman with regard to common law marriage

Citizenship  Law marriage CommonAn understanding of common law marriages
The concept of the common law marriage was borne out of the fact that in the early days of the US it was quite hard to secure the services of a clergy or a justice of the peace. As the people began spreading out into the far reaches of the country, it was harder to get formal marriage services. To remedy this, couples would indicate to the community that they were living as husband and wife. They took this position for dealings with the public and as such the law recognized them as a couple. Currently, common law marriages are recognized in about 12 states and the US constitution declares that a common marriage accepted in any of these states is to be recognized as such all over the country. There is no written evidence available to support the fact that the couple should be taken as married.

Common law marriages are based on the same concept as other marriages; it’s all about spouses loving and protecting each other.

Issues about law marriage and citizenship
In general terms, being a citizen of a certain country is based on four aspects including the descent, marriage, place of birth, and naturalization. You may gain citizenship through the fact you got married to a citizen of the country in question. It should however be noted that aspects of immediate citizenship by virtue of marriage are becoming less prevalent with time and authorities are gradually insisting on a period of naturalization.

Issues about law marriages and nationality
There are various stipulations that are provided under the marriage laws and these suit various circumstances that affect different couples in differing ways. Proper research should be done to ascertain the legality of the marriage situation.

What law marriages mean for a man and woman in Texas
Texas is a common state meaning that it is one of the dozen states that uphold the notion of common law marriages. These are quite common in Texas as are other forms of union like the law marriages. The following is a breakdown of the requirements for marriage licenses in the state.

To qualify for the license you will have to show some form of identification. This may be in the form of military ID, a certified copy the birth certificate, drivers’ license, and the social security number. It is not mandatory that you be residents of the state; as such, Texas is great for destination weddings. Before being issued with the marriage license the couple to be is required to have completed a premarital course which is only four hours long. This must be done in the year preceding that one in which you want to apply for the license. If you are divorced from a previous marriage you will have to show a certificate that confirms the elapse of thirty days. There is usually a waiting period of 72 hours though this may be waived for military personnel on active duty. A fee of between and is required. Common law marriages are recognized in this state and are also called informal marriages.