Licensed marriages in California, Texas, Florida, and Vegas

Texas License marriage CaliforniaRequirements for marriage licenses in California
It is best advised that you have your paperwork in order if you intend to get married here. Both spouses must be above 18; the minimum age is 16 and this requires parental consent. Health certificates and blood tests are not mandatory here. One can obtain the license from the office of the county clerk. The charges are paid in cash. All the documents submitted must be in English. Couples need not be residents of the state or citizens of the US to get married in California. The marriage license that is acquired is valid for a period of 90 days. A couple can get married by a judge, a rabbi, minister, priest, or deputy commissioner of civil marriages.

Requirements for marriage licenses in Texas
The age requirements in Texas are similar to those in California; persons below 18 and above 16 need to have approval from their parents. The cost of the marriage license is and these can be obtained from the office of the county clerk. Photo identification is required much in the same way as all other states. There is a waiting period of 72 hours or three days. This period may be waived for military persons who are on active duty. The license this acquired is only valid for 31 days and duly expires after this period elapses. This license is only applicable in Texas; this requirement applies to all states in the country.

Requirements for marriage licenses in Florida
In Florida, persons who intend to get married are required to make an application for a marriage license. This is done in person and the venue is the office of the clerk of courts. There is a waiting period of 72 hours and as in Texas there is no need for blood work. There are also requirements for photographic identification. The age requirement is similar to all the states covered in this article. The license fee here is and must be paid in cash. This state does not allow for same sex union. There are no qualms with regards to citizenship, residency, or race. These rules more or less apply in states like Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan.

Requirements for marriage licenses in Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas is a great marriage destination; lots of people get married there every year. There are requirements that must be fulfilled before a marriage license can be issued. Persons must show government picture identification. This can take the form of passports, resident alien cards, and state IDs etc. It is not mandatory that you are a resident of the state, you are guaranteed a marriage license if you meet all the specifications. For those who are divorced, they will be required to know the exact date that the divorce was implemented and the state and city where this was done. Nevada has no waiting periods for the marriage license. Marriage license fees are between -42 in cash. Blood tests are not mandatory. The state does not allow for proxy marriages.