Mercury Marine Boats: Motor, Engine, Propeller and other Boating Parts

Engine Mercury marine PartPart of the Boating Experience: Mercury Marine
When you think boating, you most likely think Mercury. This is because Mercury Marine is the world’s leading engine manufacturer of recreational marine boats. They are part of the Brunswick Corporation and are worth 2 billion dollars. They provide engines, boats, services and parts for marine boats used for recreational, commercial and government purposes. Some of the most popular items under Mercury’s wing include MotorGuide trolling motors, Mercury and Teignbridge propellers, Mercury and Mariner outboard engines and Mercury MerCruiser sterndrive and inboard packages. Mercury employs more than 6,200 employees globally and its headquarters are located in Wisconsin, Belgium and the USA. There are manufacturing plants across America, Japan, China, the UK, Belgium and Mexico and Mercury Marine accessories are sold from dealers across the globe from Canada to New Zealand.

Mercury Marine Engine Line
Mercury Marine has four new engines ready for 2009. They are the Flyway 25 HP EFI Fourstroke, the 15 Prokick Fourstroke, the Optimax Jet 110 and the Optimax Jet 80. All of these engines will give your boat the power you want without the noise or frustration that comes with boat engines. Mercury Marine motors undergo several engine tests to ensure they are up to the quality and standard that you have come to trust. These tests include Head to Head with the leading competition and Third Party Engine reviews. In all tests, Mercury engines come out on top. No wonder they are the best in the business.

Mercury Marine Motor Parts, Accessories and Maintenance Products
There is more to Mercury Marine than just motors. Mercury Marine also stocks plenty of boating accessories including life jackets, rigging systems and inflatable boats and dinghy’s. There’s nothing better than taking your boat in the ocean or lake water. The cool breeze, the warm sunshine and the ocean spray are the perfect combination to wash away all your weekly stresses. However, to make sure you are prepared it’s a good idea to look into Mercury’s maintenance products which include oil and other engine needs.

Mercury Marine Propeller
Mercury stocks two different company propeller systems. Mercury Marine manufactures different propellers for outboard and sterndrive engines. They range from plastic propellers for electric trolling motors to custom tuned propellers for high end racing boats. Regardless of what you are looking for, Mercury propellers are designed to be durable and resistant for all boating conditions. Teignbridge Propeller’s is another Mercury Marine favorite. They are one of the world’s largest propeller manufacturing companies and supply sterngear systems on a global scale.

So, when it comes to your next boating trip, stop by a Mercury dealer near you to stock up on your needs. Mercury Marine hires only the most trusting, knowledgeable and friendly staff so they can handle all your boating enquiries. You can be rest assured you are getting the best quality boating accessories with Mercury Marine.